Monday, June 25, 2018
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Sara Picci double winner at Broken Bow

Four other novices also take home gold from speech invite

A speaker from Italy was the last one standing on the Broken Bow stage when medals were awarded in novice extemporaneous and informative speaking.

The novice division is for first-year speech competitors.

Sara Picci, who is staying with the Brad and Lisa Jorgenson family, won gold in both events at the Broken Bow Invite Saturday.

Picci, whose first language is Italian, was also first in extempporanous speaking at the Central Nebraska Forsenic League Speech Invite on Jan. 18.

First place awards in Broken Bow also went to novices Georgina Dishman in humorous prose, twins Jason Jobman and Nathan Jobman in duet acting and Dominic Long in entertainment speaking,

Speech team coach Dan Jensen said the novices really stepped up this week.

“They are quickly catching on to the routines of competition,” he said, noting that in practice, they’ve shown desire to make the necessary changes to place at the top of their respective events.

As a whole, Jensen said the team continues to make steady improvements as the mid-point of the regular season approaches.

“Varsity kids are settling into the events that are working out well for them,” Jensen said.

He added that this is a good time to begin to dedicate more time to what is working and find areas within the team where depth is lacking.

The Swedes were lacking some in depth Saturday because half of the team had traveled to compete in Gering which will host the B6 district.

Besides Gothenburg, schools competing at the Broken Bow event included: Elwood, Loup City, North Loup-Scotia, Ord, Cozad, Litchfield, Burwell, Thedford, Adams Central, Loup County, Cross Country, North Platte, Sargent, Arnold, Perkins County, Anselmo Merna, Valentine, Minden, Eustis-Farnam, Lexington, Central City, Aurora, Ainsworth, Kearney Catholic, Ansley, Arcadia, Brady, Elm Creek, Rock County, Callaway, Broken Bow and Pleasanton.

Individual results include:

Extemporaneous speaking—Varsity: 2. Kayla Trevino, 4. Nevaeh Donahue, superior ribbon,

Gage Taylor; Novice—1. Sara Picci, 3. Nate Jobman, 8. Jason Jobman; superior ribbon, Julyssa Rocha.

Persuasive speaking—Varsity: 6. Alayna Collins; Novice—1. Sara Picci, 2. Ebony Anderson, 3. Julyssa Rocha.

Informative speaking—Varsity: 4. Kylee Beyea.

Entertainment speaking—Varsity: 4. Alayna Collins; Novice: 1. Dominic Long.

Humorous prose—Varsity: 8. Drake Langley; Novice: 1. Georgina Dishman.

Serious prose—Novice: 2. Jessie Rudolph.

Duet acting—Varsity: 10. Kayla Trevino and Drake Langley; Novice—1. Jason Jobman and Nathan Jobman.

Oral interpretation of drama—Varsity: 4. Gage Taylor, Kylee Beyea, Kayla Trevino, Alayna Collins, Drake Langley; Novice—5. Myles Mendell, Dominic Long, Ebony Anderson, Georgina Dishman.