Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Jr. high science fair Friday

French fries, fish and more.

Senji Baca struggled to think of a science fair experiment to do when the answer came to her.


“I was eating french fries at Mi Ranchito and took a fry and patted it down,” said the Gothenburg High School eighth grader. “It came out greasy so I thought it could be a good idea.”


Baca then used napkins to absorb the grease and weighed the napkins on a scale to determine the grease content of french fries from three local restaurants.

She said that will be good to know so she can make healthy choices when it comes to eating french fries and other food.

Baca’s experiment and those of other seventh and eighth graders filled the Dudley gym Friday during the annual science fair.

Other projects ranged from whether the color of a lure affects the amount of fish caught to the brand of antacid that works best to neutralize stomach acids to everything in between.

Eighth grader Kody Deepe worked with other students to find out which kind of microwave popcorn popped the most kernels.

PopSecret Extra Butter Premium came out on top.

Besides that, Deepe said the project helped him learn how to work in a group.

Judges viewed the displays and interviewed students about their experiments.

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