Sunday, August 19, 2018
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Reducing fraud is goal of new vehicle licensing regulations

Steps are being taken to reduce motor vehicle fraud in Nebraska with new regulations taking effect Jan. 1.

No transfer in ownership of a motor vehicle shall occur until the vehicle has been properly titled and sales tax and registration has been paid, according to Sharon Wood, Dawson County treasurer who received training in the new requirements.

“This is an issue we have not pushed in the past, but according to the Nebraska State Patrol the treasurer and employees shall pursue due diligence and advise the taxpayer that evading the tax is a Class IV felony,” Wood said.

Information will be provided to those who do not attempt to pay sales tax or register their vehicle and the information will be forward to the Nebraska State Patrol, she said.

Also beginning Jan. 1, it will be the requirement of the treasurer to run all out of state vehicles through NMVITIS which is similar to CARFAX. This will provide past history on the title to the treasurer regarding the brands or legends that are required to be on the vehicle title.

The treasurer cautioned that this will take an few additional minutes to process an out of state title through the Nebraska registration process.

Vehicle renewals can be done on line by going to using a credit or debit card which initiates a user fee or a $3 portal fee for e-check. On-line renewals are not allowed on-line if you have an address change or if your insurance information has not been provided to the State of Nebraska.

If you have moved from one county to another in Nebraska or from Wyoming or North Carolina, your vehicle is not eligible for renewal until your current registration expires.

For more information on the licensing process, contact Wood at 308-324-3241 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .