Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Swede Science Olympians win regionals

Silver wasn’t good enough last year at regional Science Olympian competition so the Swede team fine-tuned its knowledge to win gold.

After competition involving scientific experiments, experimental designs and other challenges, the 13-member team beat 14 other schools in Division C at the University of Nebraska at Kearney on March 25.

Gothenburg High School students competed in all 12 events offered at the regional competition.

Students in three events won first place and senior Rachel Rice was a double-gold winner in elastic launched glider with Jessica Schmidt and with Kylee Beyea and Kayla Trevino on the experimental team.

Quinn Haynes and Stuart Moore took first in compound machines.

Team sponsor and biology teacher Maggie Tiller said she was proud of the work students have done and how they responded to the competition and the result.

“Most of these seniors have competed since they were sophomores and every year they just wanted to keep improving,” said Tiller who has coached the team for six years. ‘This competition really depends on how much work they are willing to put into it so their success is correlated to that work.”

In 2012, the team placed fourth and were second last year.

“They really were set on doing their best to see if they could win it all and they did,” she said.

Tiller said she doesn’t look for the win for her but for the kids.

The three first-place events were:

Elastic-launched glider—Building a glider ahead of time that was launched at competition to see how long it would stay in flight.

Experimental design—Students were given supplies and had to design an experiment.

Compound machines—Designing a machine to determine an unknown mass.

Tiller said the students always have a good experience at Science Olympiads and like to watch other events so that they can get ideas for the next year.

Most of the students competed at State Science Olympiads on Saturday but the results were not yet complete.

Medalists from regional competition included:

Elastic Launched Glider—1. Rachel Rice and Jessica Schmidt

Experimental Design—1. Kayla Trevino, Rachel Rice, and Kylee Beyea

Forensics—1. Shaylee Scott and Roman Schmidt

Compound Machines—1. Quinn Haynes and Stuart Moore

Scrambler—2. Rachel Rice and Caleb Rice

Boomilever—2. Trenton Long and Marcus Fritton

Disease Detectives—3. Rebecca Anderson and Betsy Potter

Anatomy and Physiology—5. Rebecca Anderson and Kayla Trevino

Write It/Do It—7. Betsy Potter and Jessica Schmidt

Chemistry Lab—8. Kyann LeViner and Marcus Fritton

Dynamic Planet—8. Trenton Long and Shaylee Scott

Bungee—9. Kylee Beyea and Roman Schmidt