Friday, June 22, 2018
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See ya through the smoke

Second annual BBQ blowout last weekend brings plenty of folks to park

A year ago, when the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce hosted the first Pony Express BBQ Challenge, brothers Doug and Brian Keiser took a judging class.

This year, their Smokin’ K team was one of 28 teams vying for $7,000 in prize money at the second annual BBQ Blowout at Lafayette Park Saturday.

Once the smoke cleared, the Smokin’ K placed in the top 10 of every category but one.

Overall, their first-time efforts earned them a No. 10 spot. Another first timer, Double D BBQ of Colorado, received a No. 9 ranking.

Pork Patrol BBQ of Omaha took top honors followed by Platte River BBQ of Kearney. Parrothead Smoker of South Dakota was third.

Since entering the world of barbecue, the Keisers have judged five contests in three states and are hooked.

“We had so much fun judging, we just had to cook this year,” Doug said with a laugh.

For the past several months, the brothers have spent weekends grilling different meats. During this time, one would invite the other to his house to sample the finished product.

“If it was bad, we didn’t call,” Brian said.

The brothers said they’ve been having a ball since the discovery of their new hobby.

“And it’s a family thing,” Doug said. “Other family members and kids are involved too.”

Event organizer Mike Eberle said the contest went smoothly with a good mix of teams.

Several winners of grand championships showed up as well as first timers for a good mix of participants, he said.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Eberle said. “The new guys jump in and see what they can do.”

In addition to the competition, the public enjoyed a backyard barbecue event Friday night at the roping grounds and on Saturday, at Lafayette Park, a pancake feed, pony rides, face painting, a bounce house, a farm chore relay and city-wide garage sales.

Friday night’s winner of the backyard barbecue event was Andy Hilbers. Tim Schmeeckle was second and Got Wood, a KCBS competition team from North Platte, finished third.

Saturday categories and money winners were:


1. Pork Patrol BBQ, 2. Cooter’s Country Catering, 3. When Pigs Die, 4. Burnin’ Bob’s Butts n’ Bones, 5. Backdraft BBQ, 6. Smokin’ K, 7. Leeps BBQ, 8. Double D BBQ, 9. Scorch and Resque, 10. Team Behr BBQ.


1. Parrothead Smoker, 2. Pork Patrol BBQ, 3. Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ, 4. Double D BBQ, 5. Burnin’ Bob’s Butts n’ Bones, 6. Platte River BBQ, 7. Porky’s Butts BBQ, 8. Hot Sauce Hoppe’s BBQ, 9. Golden Toad, 10. Buck Snort BBQ.


1. Platte River BBQ, 2. Team Behr BBQ, 3. Little Joes BBQ, 4. Porky Butts BBQ, 5. Cooter’s Country Catering, 6. Smokin’ K, 7. Pork Patrol BBQ, 8. Buck Snort BBQ, 9. Hot Sauce Hoppe’s BBQ, 10. Parrothead Smoker.


1. Stars and Stripes BBQ, 2. Rocket Boys Pyro BBQ, 3. Porky Butts BBQ, 4. Platte Valley BBQ, 5. Burnin’ Bob’s Butts n’ Bones, 6. Double D BBQ, 7. Backdraft BBQ, 8. Parrothead Smoker, 9. Team Behr BBQ, 10. Smokin’ K.


Greer Tiller and Addison Coe, 6 & under; Jackson Daum & Rye Tiller, ages 7-9; Josie & Ethan Bowen, ages 10-12

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