Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Bruning supports irrigators

For the last 20 plus years, irrigating producers across this state have faced a number of challenges beyond their control, like drought and spikes in fuel prices. But the most serious threat to irrigators has been from the anti-irrigation coalition of environmental groups, certain legislators and out-of-control federal agencies. Starting with efforts to stop groundwater irrigation in the 90s up to the reckless and uninformed efforts this year to shut down groundwater irrigation, one person has stood with Nebraska irrigators in each of these fights: Jon Bruning.

Whether standing up for agriculture as a state senator or defending multiple lawsuits from Kansas and irrigation opponents, Jon Bruning has always answered the call to defend irrigation. And he has done so without sacrificing water resources: During his tenure as attorney general, Nebraska solidified its position as the national leader in irrigated acres, while maximizing efficiency that resulted in Nebraska being the only state where the Ogallala Aquifer, on average, has actually risen since groundwater development began.

This year the anti-irrigation advocates pushing LB1074 cleverly used code words like “sustainability” and “sacrifice” when trying to undo irrigated agriculture in the state. Some amendments would have outlawed groundwater irrigation altogether. But Jon Bruning stood with the NRDs and Farm Bureau and when it was time to say “enough is enough” Jon Bruning and Governor Heineman drew a line in the sand and stopped the assault against irrigation.

Other candidates offer a plan on what they will do as governor—plans that use anti-irrigation code words like “sustainability” and “sacrifice.” But Jon Bruning has already proven he will protect our ability to continue to irrigate and drive Nebraska’s economy forward while maintaining Nebraska’s national role in preserving groundwater.

We know the threats to irrigators won’t go away and we know Jon Bruning will be there to fight for us against new challenges. That’s why Jon Bruning should be the next governor of Nebraska.

Larry Reynolds