Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Ag Fest draws 857 students

It was great to see the enthusiastic reception given to “Ag Fest 2014” held in Dawson and Custer counties. This activity drew more than 857 fourth and fifth graders, their teachers and sponsors. The “Agricultural Community” should appreciate the strong interest school administrators, teachers, and students have in learning more about their industry. Thanks to them for taking time out of school schedules to attend.

Another pat on the back goes to those ag producers, commodity groups, media, agribusinesses, and FFA groups that contributed to and were on hand to tell the amazing story of American agriculture. It is a story of a lifestyle and business that has an ag producer working for 15.8¢ of every food dollar to produce food for 155 people. These stewards of the environment strive year after trying year to provide each of us with the most abundant, wholesome and safest food supply possible ... and they succeed.

As Extension workers, we appreciate everyone’s cooperation on “Ag Fest 2014”; and believe, that with all the help we received, our goal of educating young people on the impact of Nebraska Agriculture was met.

We applaud others taking on similar challenges and look forward to the next Ag Fest.

Dawson County Extension—Bruce Treffer, Andrea Nisley, Mike Wolff

Custer County Extension—Troy Walz, Jessye Goertz, Colleen Peterson