Monday, June 25, 2018
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Is totalitarianism here?

Totalitarianism, as described by “Wikipedia,” is a political system that strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life. Dominance is maintained through propaganda (state controlled media), a single ruling party, control of the economy, restriction of free speech (criticism), surveillance and use of terrorism. It seeks to mobilize entire populations in support of an official state ideology. Citizens have no significant share in decision-making.

While not being truly totalitarian, the systems present in Nazi Germany, Socialist Russia, Fascist Italy, and Communist China during the 20th century, were birds of a feather. Although none of these philosophies on the surface are intrinsically illegal, they end in evil. When taken to their conclusions, we saw man’s inherent desire to be free and his opposition to such controls. Those standing in the way, had to be eliminated. Mao Zedong murdered an estimated 49-78 million. Hitler disposed of 12 million, Stalin 23 million and Mussolini 300 thousand.

The Socialist Party of America was born in the early 1900’s and became a part of the Progressive Movement (linked with Teddy Roosevelt). Socialist ideas became more pronounced during the Wilson and FDR administrations. Again, in this country the philosophy itself is not illegal, but many of it’s programs when placed into law, violate the constitution. During the Fifties, communists were vilified by McCarthyism out of “Cold War fear.” That was probably wrong, but it happened because their ideology doesn’t fit into what the average citizen sees as the “American way.” Afterward, a drift began toward the Democratic Party and causes like environmentalism.

Now compare the first paragraph to what is happening today. Our lame stream media did not have to be coerced. They were a major force in getting Barack Obama elected. They present no substantive reporting about him or his party.

Democrats have control of all three branches of government. Banks were forced to take bail-out money in order to gain control over them. There is even a “pay czar” telling them how much their employees can earn. Car companies were taken over and stockholder assets were given to the unions. Now insurance companies are being targeted.

Obama tried to ostracize Fox News, whining that he had “ television station that is entirely devoted to attacking my administration...”

Democrats continue to push through their destructive health and spending legislation, when it is clear that a majority of the citizenry oppose it. The new health care bill imposes a fine and prison sentence for not buying health insurance. States were unconstitutionally forced to take bailout money to gain federal influence.

While the president extols the virtues of Islam, our true religious heritage is being questioned. I grew up in a country that placed an aluminum cover on the capstone of the Washington Monument in DC. On the east side is inscribed the words laus deo (praise be to God). The idea being that every morning, it would be the first thing in our nation’s capitol to catch the sun’s rays.