Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Doing ‘right thing’ is praised

Gothenburg is very fortunate to have corporate citizens like Dawson Tire & Wheel. I had an incident recently with a Dawson truck on I-80. The incident is not important but the actions of Dawson Tire are.

The insurance company denied my claim. Honestly, if one were to evaluate the circumstances there were unknowns to the extent that this was a fair call. In spite of this, Dawson Tire personnel advised me they would make it right and subsequently paid my deductible.

I wish Dawson Tire sold car tires as I would be a customer. I have been in business a long time and can verify that the expense of what Dawson Tire has done will prove to be beneficial as it is never a losing proposition to treat the public with respect. Here is a company that did what they thought was right even though they had a pass not to. It is obvious the attitude of this company resides with the employees. Gothenburg is fortunate to have such people for neighbors.

Ron Hollmann, Ogallala