Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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Brady lunch prices raised a nickel

Brady students will need to enter school with a little more change in their pocket after the school board followed the state’s suggestion Monday night and increased the price of lunch and milk or juice a nickel apiece.

Even with the increase, Brady’s prices remain less expensive than the state’s suggestion.

New interim superintendent Russell Finken reviewed his first couple days in town. He said he feels blessed to be in his current position. He thanked the people of Brady for their helpfulness throughout his short time in the community.

One of Finken’s first challenges deals with a ceramics kiln.

The plan was to move the kiln to a new location along with the art room it’s used in, but the fire marshall nixed that idea.

Finken and the board said they don’t feel the kiln’s current location is safe. The superintendent plans to discuss alternatives with the art teacher and report back.

Some members are also concerned about a new science classroom being ready by the start of school year.

The drywall was recently hung but lab stations and other necessary classroom fixtures still need to be installed. The board hopes that the classroom will be completed by the end of July.

Athletic director Andy Seamann pitched some possible purchases to the board on behalf of the activities committee.

Seamann bought some lightly used incline benches from Cozad and was allowed to move forward with the purchase of a $3,156 blocking sled for the football team thanks to Finken’s approval.

Member TJ Walker said he felt the addition of the sled was “long overdue.”

Seamann also hopes to buy new rubber weight plates for the weight room.

Additional requests from the activities committee consisted of a $4,000 basketball shot tracking system and a pole vault pit that would cost anywhere between $15,000 and $20,000 after construction.

The board decided that Brady students’ grandparents aged 65 or older that live out of town will be eligible for activity passes this year.

The board also reviewed the student, teacher and activities handbooks. After finding an inconsistency between the teachers handbook and the master contract regarding paid leave, the board deferred to the master contract.

Member Matt Hatch later raised a discussion about extracurricular participation from students with poor grades.

The activities handbook currently allows students with two or fewer failing grades to compete.

Hatch wanted to change it so any student with a failing mark could not participate until the grade is raised.

Finken strongly suggested that the number stay at two because it is the standard for similar school districts. After a brief debate, the board decided to keep the number at two.

In other business, bookkeeper Ashley Lydic suggested that $150,000 be transferred into the building fund to finish payment on the building addition. The board signed off after being reassured that the transfer would be replaced by incoming tax dollars before too long.

Following discussion, all items were approved by a vote.

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