Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Consequences not so unintended

Before leaving office, President George W. Bush signed the “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.” Bush (an open borders advocate) and a compassionate, caring, well meaning Democrat Congress (with RINOs) passed this law to protect illegal immigrant minors/victims of sex trafficking.

Who would oppose this? Unfortunately, even Republicans didn’t. It wasn’t the purpose that was at fault, but lack of protection from those who would exploit the purpose, that was missing from this law (and far too many other laws passed in recent years). When adverse effects from these multi-hundred/thousand page laws show up down the road, they are referred to as “unintended consequences.”

But, if someone is deliberately exploiting a poorly written law, should we really be calling the consequences unintended? Or, should the onus be laid upon those who are manipulating the law?

It comes as no surprise, that the manipulator in this case is President Barack Obama. Obama has been frustrated in his attempts to sign comprehensive immigration reform into law. Because the majority of people believe our borders first need to be secured, Republicans have opposed Obama’s version of reform. When Obama couldn’t get his “Dream Act” passed, he used his pen and phone (also megaphone) through executive order, to advertise that illegals would essentially no longer be deported.

While the Wilberforce Act was an incentive for more illegal immigrants to attempt to get into the country, Obama’s proclamations have stepped up the influx dramatically. The New York Times reported that 300,000 illegals have arrived since April. At that time 52,000 were unaccompanied minors (numbers increasing steadily).

Parents in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras—with expectations of a better life for their children—are allowing traffickers to transport them through Mexico to our border. After crossing without identification, they wait to be picked up by border patrol. We then process them and give them a ticket to any destination in the country where they have relatives. When there, they are to appear in immigration court.

What are the chances they will appear? How compassionate is it that many were sexually assaulted or killed on their way here? How compassionate that they are held in close quarters, sharing their various maladies? Without ID, how do we know we are handing them over to relatives and not people who will sell them as sex slaves? Some have admitted to being gang members. How do we know that some aren’t also wannabe terrorists?

Apparently we need to update the Statue of Liberty inscription “Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses...”, to include Your bearers of scabies, tuberculosis, Dengue fever, measles, chickenpox and leprosy; Your MS-13 gang members and Your radical Islamic jihadists.

While border patrol is babysitting these minors; mothers with children, drug and human traffickers, terrorists and gang members are crossing with much greater ease.

Those who fly frequently will be impressed to know that, while they are being patted down at the airport, these illegals can just show their notice to appear and breeze right by to board the plane. By the way, the notices are not secure documents. Anyone with nefarious purposes can easily copy them.

How convenient. Maybe we should all get one.

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg