Monday, June 25, 2018
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ShelterBoxes offer emergency help for Haiti’s homeless

Rotarians across the United States and the world are bringing a little comfort and shelter to residents of earthquake-ravaged Haiti by partnering with ShelterBox USA.

The Gothenburg Rotary Club is joining the effort raising money to pay for at least one ShelterBox to be sent to Haiti.

Each ShelterBox costs $1,000 and it offers enough emergency supplies for 10 people.

ShelterBox worldwide has shipped 2,000 of the boxes to Haiti as of Tuesday with another 2,000 on the way.

“What ShelterBox provides is unique and does not duplicate any other aid that is provided,” states Veronica Brandon Miller, executive director, ShelterBox USA.  “We work with all relief organizations to enhance and complete the services and supplies that help survivors.  In many cases, our boxes have made the difference between life and death.”

ShelterBox has established three separate operational centers in and around Haiti to help distribute assistance to the estimated one million people left homeless by the devastating 12 January earthquake.

The three-person ShelterBox Response Team in Haiti set up an operations base in the capital Port au Prince with the assistance of local Rotarians to coordinate the delivery of aid in the country. They are working with the French aid agency ACTED to determine the areas in most need of assistance and are training personnel to put up tents ahead of their arrival into the devastated country.

The Haiti operation is being supported by logistical hubs set up in Miami and the Dominican Republic capital Santa Domingo. ShelterBoxes have been flown to both cities for onward transportation to Haiti.

ShelterBox is funded entirely by donations from all over the world. Around half of ShelterBox’s income worldwide is from donations received directly by the charity. The other half is raised for the organization through Rotary clubs worldwide and representatives.