Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Do you know what you did?

Have you ever heard someone say to a child, “Do you realize what you just did?” Generally, there is a negative connotation behind the statement; it’s not something we want to hear… normally.

But I want to turn that statement on its head, just for a moment and say, “Do you realize what you just did” when you gave your gift to the Women’s Resource Center through the 15th Annual Fundraising Banquet?

Recently a client was in our office, very sure she was going to end her pregnancy. Yet following a conversation with our peer counselor and receiving an ultrasound, she chose life. She did this because you chose to give. Your giving made it possible for her to come in our door, for her to make an informed decision; for her to choose life.

So I ask, “Do you realize what you just did?” You did something wonderful. And because of you, a life was saved.

We offer a huge thank you to the 426 guests who attended and/or supported the WRC’s Fundraising Banquet and together donated over $111,000 (so far!). We are blown away by your support of the Women’s Resource Center and we are privileged to partner with you and God in this life saving and life changing ministry.

Amy Woods, executive director Women’s Resource Center, North Platte