Monday, June 18, 2018
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Three Swedes win at BB speech invite

Three Swedes stood in the winner’s circle at the end of the Broken Bow speech invite Saturday.

They were Josh Clark in extemporaneous speaking, Brennan Costello in persuasive speaking and Zac Franzen in serious prose.

The Swede speech team returns to Grand Island this Saturday for the second of two Central Nebraska Forensic League contests.

Other students who placed during the competition include:

Extemporaneous speaking—Varsity: 4. Aaron Block, 6. Cale Moore, 7. Chris Block; Novice: 2. Jon Rehmert, 4. Ricci Whitney, 5. Morgan Kowalewski. 8. Kristin Bartlett.

Persuasive speaking—Varsity: 8. Beth Advey; superior ribbons, Kristi Block and Jessica Wolff; Novice: 2. Maddy Costello.

Informative speaking—Varsity: 3. Stephanie Rubenthaler; superior ribbon, Brennan Costello; Novice: 4. Heather Lunkwitz.

Entertainment speaking—Varsity: 2. Josh Clark, 3. Ashlee Bruntz, 4. Becca Else and Lauren Schmiett, 7. Cale Moore; superior ribbon, Ryan Ostendorf.

Humorous prose—Varsity: 7. Josh Clark; superior ribbons, Ashlee Bruntz, Chris Block, Jessica Wolff and Lauren Schmiett.

Poetry—Varsity: 4.Brennan Costello, 5. Zac Franzen; superior ribbons, Elisa Meridith; Novice: 4. Haydon McKenney.

Duet acting—Varsity: superior ribbon, Heather Lunkwitz and Crystal Moore; Novice: 3. Maddy Costello and Morgan Kowalewski.

Serious prose—Varsity: 5. Elisa Meridith. superior ribbons, Leah Loostrom, Jessica Wolff, Makayla Franzen.

Oral interpretation of drama—Varsity: 10. (tie) Liz Graham, Leah Loostrom, Chris Block, Alex Spencer, Coltin Bebensee and Lauren Schmiett, Kristi Block, Crystal Moore, Makayla Franzen, Mackenzie Brand; Novice: 5. Amanda Larson, Kristin Bartlett, Jon Rehmert, Ricci Whitney, Bailey Gibbens.

Also competing were Liz Graham and Peyton Maline.