Friday, September 21, 2018
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Fiscally responsibility needed

Open letter to past and present employees of Gothenburg Schools:

Since the present school board members seem more than willing to fund and/or spend money on every program and project that comes before them, you may want to start preparing to have your present lifestyles affected in a negative manner.

The present way that the school system is being supported (taxes on property owners) is unsustainable. That being the case, in the next few years the school system is, in all likelihood, going to experience a major budget crises. Since a majority of the school’s budget is employee related, it is only reasonable to assume that you are going to be asked to shoulder most of the problem.

You may want to ask the school board to think about being a little more fiscally responsible in the near term so you and your families won’t need to be a lot more fiscally responsible in the long term.

W. Alan Rickertsen, Cozad