Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Sen. Nelson…a good man

Senator Ben Nelson’s (12-26-12) letter to The Times is acknowledgement of the beginning of the end of an era. A recognition of diminishing ability for traditional Democrats to remain in the “Democrat” Congress. Nelson has witnessed the decline of bipartisanship, writing “Sadly...the word ‘compromise’ has become a dirty word.” My response is the same as I wrote (02-08-12) after Mary Kay Quinlan of Nebraska News Service asked in a letter “When did compromise become a four-letter word?”

It was Jan. 23, 2009. Three days after taking office, President Barack Obama responded to Republican objections against some provisions of his economic stimulus package. “I won. So I think on that one, I trump you.” This statement got very little media coverage. After nearly two years of Democrat partisan plunder and ramming through freedom killing legislation like Obamacare, a statement by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (10-23-10) about making Obama a one-term president, is still being used by the media as the definitive example of partisanship and even racism.

Nelson’s letter also acknowledged his success in getting federal funding for worthwhile state projects. He shares this effort with most politicians whose roles have been reduced to those of beggars. We send our representatives to Washington, D.C. in an effort to recover some of the money that the federal government has stolen from our state. I don’t fault Sen. Nelson for this. It took over 200 years to get here.

For all citizens to be represented, both sides need advocates expressing their positions. I have voted for Sen. Nelson because I believe that he truly does care about Nebraska and approached most issues with common sense. We have disagreed on more than several issues over the years, but he impressed me by being the only representative who responded to my letters and emails personally (not form letters). Usually he would rationalize with “it’s a good start” while I opposed there being a “start.” In our disagreement he never tried to deceive me about his intentions.

At a “town hall” in Kearney during the healthcare debate, he told me he would never vote for a bill that included taxpayer funded abortion. That was not my primary concern because taxpayers already fund it through Title X, but I accepted that answer because I knew the progressives/socialists would never throw Planned Parenthood out of the bill. I can only imagine the pressure Obama’s Chicago mob brought down on him (the “rack” and nailing of knees to the floor come to mind).

He eventually capitulated and voted for the bill. He went from hero to zero. The scourge of Obamacare may be impossible to rescind at this point and possibly forever. Voting for it was a bridge too far and Nelson was on the wrong side when the bridge collapsed. That being said, overall I think Sen. Nelson has been a good public servant because in essence he is a good man. There are far too few of those in Congress these days.




Medical needs easily met

It has been a year since Bob and I moved back to our hometown, Gothenburg, and we are very happy we did. Not only did we find the right apartment to fulfill all our needs, but we were also close to our two girls. Another plus is living within walking distance to the hospital, doctors office and church.

Since being home, I have had some health problems and was pleasantly surprised to find a much improved hospital and very competent doctors and medical staff. I have had three procedures in the last few months and was so happy to be able to have all three done right here.

Gothenburg is a very blessed community to have such a great facility and competent doctors. Why would anyone go anywhere else when it is all available right here in our wonderful community?


Fire hall plans premature

(Regarding story: Plans for new fire hall taking shape, 1-2-13) First of all, I want it to be known that none of the Brady Rural Fire District board members approved any building plans or diagrams to be published publicly. In fact, there has been no plans officially presented to the rural board.

Some board members were handed a proposed floor plan from a Brady Fire Department member, however several were not. First, I’m not sure where Todd Roe thought he could propose a plan publicly and make comments about such a plan.

Secondly, the Rural Board negotiated a private land purchase agreement, then offered it to the Village of Brady to purchase. This was done because the rural board wanted to move forward with this project and the Village of Brady had not found or purchased property for a new fire hall. The village then voted to purchase the property as presented by the rural fire board.

Let it be understood that when the existing fire hall was built after a rural fire district was formed it was agreed upon by the Village of Brady and the Brady Rural Fire District that the village would furnish land for a fire hall and the rural district would build a facility.

Also let it be known that all of the fire fighting trucks and equipment are paid by rural real estate tax money and belong to the Brady Rural Fire District. Some trucks however, were helped to be purchased by grant money and much appreciated community donations.

Owners of real estate within the city limits of Brady are not taxed for any of the fire fighting equipment or trucks. The Village of Brady does, however, pay one half of the utilities and also makes a yearly donation to the rescue unit fund. The rescue units are community owned and self sustaining but the rural fire district does furnish housing for them in the fire hall.

I’m not sure where Mr. Roe got the idea that the old fire hall would be given back to the village, when first of all the village never has owned the fire hall and secondly the rural fire board has never officially discussed the issue. Also let it be known that the Brady Rural Fire Board members have not officially made any decision with anything to do with a new fire hall except negotiating the land transaction and asking the Brady Fire Department members to give the rural board ideas and input on a new fire hall building.


Service above and beyond

I am writing this letter to inform your readers of a Gothenburg resident who was responsible for saving my family’s Christmas. On the afternoon of Dec. 22 our family was passing through your fine town on our way to meet our extended family in Michigan. As we were leaving the gas station, the stick shift in our car broke.

The woman working in the store gave us a list of auto mechanics and said call Jim first. I followed her advice and called Jim Stevens owner of Performance Truck & Trailer Repair, and am I glad I did. Jim told me he was out of town at the moment but to call him back if I couldn’t find anybody else.

After going through the whole list, our prospects for finding someone to help before Christmas were bleak, so I called Jim back. He told me that it was not a problem and that he would send his son Mitchell out to take a look. Soon Mitchell was there and he spent a couple of hours out in the cold trying to fix the problem.

The right parts would not be available until after Christmas. He was not able to fix it, but he didn’t give up. He told me his dad would call me as soon as he got back to town. I received a call around 10:15 that night, it was James informing me that he was back in town and he was going to pick up our car and take it back to his shop to fix.

Around 12:15 a.m. the phone rang, It was James just calling to say that he had fixed our car and that he would deliver it to our hotel. When James arrived, he refused to take any money, despite my insistence.

It is not an exaggeration to say that without the kindness and generosity shown by James Stevens and his family, not to mention the other great people we met, we would not have made it to Michigan.

Given our experience with the wonderful people of Gothenburg, I’m sure it would have been a great way to spend our holiday. Thanks Gothenburg.




Swedes get compliments

On Dec. 27-29 the Gothenburg boys and girls basketball teams were privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the Cabela’s Holiday Shootout in Sidney. Obviously, one of our goals as basketball teams is to win the games in which we play. But that is not our only goal. Our boys also have a goal to “do the right thing ON and OFF the court.”

While we were in Sidney both our boys and girls teams were complimented many times on their conduct. From the hotel staff to the employees at restaurants, I as a coach repeatedly heard how well behaved our teams were. I have heard similar comments while traveling with other groups/teams numerous times over the years I have been employed by GHS.

I want to take this opportunity to let the people of Gothenburg know how well these young men and women represent their community, school, parents and team. If the old saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” is true, then Gothenburg you are doing a great job!

I feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work with such fine young adults.


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