Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Joanne Peterson, 86 - June 08, 2017

Dear Mom, It is hard to write this final description of you and your life’s contributions and significance; to be bound by only words on a page. So, we’ll also use our hearts’ language to express our thanks and feelings.
Your kids and grandkids miss you but know you weren’t afraid and were surrounded by love as you took your final breaths.
From your kids (Lynn, Scott and Kevin Peterson), we thank you for being our Mom. We remember when you saved our freezing toes by helping deliver newspapers in the frigid Midwest winters and then probably cringed when all of the money earned went to building dangerous homemade go-carts. We recall those imaginative small-town parade costumes and the way you loved show tunes and romantic music. And we now realize how tired you must have been when balancing decades of full-time work and also doing all of the washing, cleaning, bandaging of knees and packing for camping trips to Colorado.
We’re proud of all of your professional jobs and how you contributed to the world: bookkeeper, office manager, Girl Scout and Cub Scout leader, choir member, P.E.O. officer, loyal friend and gameshow and BINGO Queen. You showed us that you’re never too old to dress up and enjoy Halloween with new friends.
There were countless times we witnessed your fine character… the smiles, the “extra mile” you went for others, the mother-daughter talks, seeing the “little things” as you showed kindness and greeted people with a compliment, your feisty nature and acceptance of compromises, and the way you persevered through Dad’s and your own serious health struggles. You were always grateful because “so many others have it worse than I do.”
Thank you, Mom, for loving our spouses (Hugh Lewis, Becky Peterson and Rebekah Peterson), who respected and loved you too. We know you prayed for your family, your friends and the world. You asked for forgiveness when you erred and you forgave us when we weren’t at our best.
We know you were so proud of us and were “Our #1 Fan.” Together with our Dad, Glenn Peterson—the love of your life for over 65 years—you raised three honest, capable and caring children. We did our best to pass your special values onto your grandchildren (Aaron [wife Sony Soomro], Shane, Lindsay and Sarah Peterson) who thank you for your hugs and special memories of playing Crazy Eights, letting them splash to their hearts’ content in your hot tub, the fishing, house-boating, making cranberry sauce, warm and encouraging heart-to-hearts, and for loving and missing them over the distances. You exuded so much joy and felt blessed to live long enough to know your great-grandson, Adam.
To our Dad… Mom and we have missed you now for over five years. Thanks for taking her into your arms again and reminding her of the man that she fell in love with when she was 15. We hope you’re dancing again to those Four Freshmen and Jackie Gleason records. Peace to you both.
Joanne (originally Joan) Carolyn Peterson, September 9, 1931-June 8, 2017, was born to loving parents, Florence Frahm Pyle and Bert William Pyle, MD at Gothenburg, NE. She always felt fortunate to know three out of her four grandparents (Margaret Pyle, and Letha and William Frahm) and remembered good times with them.
Joanne wed Glenn D. Peterson in 1951 and lived primarily in Gothenburg, Larned, KS, and Bellingham, WA. Brother, Bill (and Barbara) Pyle live in New York. She loved her many Peterson relatives.
Special thanks to Bertha Safford, MD, and staff at St. Joseph Hospital and Brookdale Senior Living for their invaluable care and assistance in helping to remind our Mother what a special, special woman she was.
Joanne’s ashes joined Glenn’s at Ft. McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, NE.