Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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Like it or not, change happens


Change. Shift. Adjustment. Transition. No matter what you call it, the truth is that life is not static. Change happens. One of the hardest things that I have had to accept is that relationships and circumstances will change. As much as I try, I will never arrive at the destination where everything is exactly as it should be and will remain that way. The very laws of nature dictate that life cycles, seasons change, life and death happen, and growth occurs in stages.

A friend recently asked me how I deal with change. My response: “Kicking and screaming.” I seem reluctant to accept the pain associated with leaving behind what is familiar. This often occurs because I look at the shift in its entirety, which seems daunting. Getting from point A to point B can seem impossible when I look at the whole distance to be covered.

A new friend moves from her home of eight years. She describes for me the loss of the only home they’ve known being met with the excitement and anticipation of adventures awaiting in a new location. The transition requires first packing, then moving, crying over memories, letting go, unpacking, and then living the next moment.

My sister, a mother of five, gives birth to a new little life and the shift begins. Life as she knew it no longer fits as she adjusts to late night feedings, diaper changing, sibling rivalries, and tethered mobility. Yet, living in this reality only happens one day at a time.

This is when I’m lovingly reminded to focus on “this step, this moment, this day.” I am not where I was six months ago, and I will not be here six months from now. To gain perspective, I look back over the path I’ve journeyed, and I realize how far I have come one step at a time. Life is not lived in leaps and bounds, but in inches and minutes.