Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Ask for what you need


I pulled up to the drive-thru and placed my order. As I drove around to the window and was handed my order, I knew that I would be getting what I had ordered. I asked for what I wanted, and the employee gave me what I requested.

I am aware that many times in life I am hesitant to ask for what I need. Maybe this is because I do not have enough self-awareness to know what it is that I need. On the other hand, maybe I don’t want to impose on someone else. I may not feel worthy of what I need. Or, I may not want to feel indebted to someone for what she has to offer.

All of these serve as hindrances in my everyday life with personal interactions. However, they would provide an absurd, even comical scene if applied to the drive-thru experience mentioned above. I can just imagine me sitting in the drive-thru for days because I don’t know what I want or need. Or, I picture me driving up to the window and telling the employee that I can’t accept the order because I don’t want to impose or that I’m not worthy to receive the order that’s been prepared.

I was once told that being an adult is having the ability to know what I need and the ability to provide for that need. Provision for myself can come in many ways, but one of them that I neglect is asking for help.

This past week, I asked for help from a friend in completing a task that I couldn’t face. She freely gave of her time to walk with me through the experience. What seemed impossible alone was made possible because I asked for what I needed. I have experienced this in the smallest of realms when simply asking for a hug as well as in large arenas such as asking for assistance in a business venture.

Regardless of the situation, I have been granted what I needed when I simply take the initiative to provide for myself, which sometime means requesting help. As simple as ordering at a drive-thru, I can trust a power greater than myself will provide for me. Many times that comes in the form of humans.

Today, I am reminded to be brave. I would gladly help a friend in need, so I can be courageous in believing that a friend would be willing to help me. I will speak up. I will show up for myself. I will ask for what I need. Then, I will offer gratitude as Love shows up.