Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Speck’s count their blessings this Thanksgiving

Marcia Speck has been a teacher for many years; in elementary music at Gothenburg Public Schools for about the last 10 years, and as fourth grade teacher at Eustis prior to that. She took a break from teaching to stay home and raise her own two sons. This past August, she began experiencing pain in her hip. Thinking it was simply a case of arthritis she went to her general practitioner for what she assumed would be treatment for arthritis. She was wrong.

“They did some tests and he sent me on to North Platte for more tests, biopsies, procedures, a bone scan—all kinds of tests!” Marcia said.

To her surprise the results of the test indicated two forms of cancer in her body—endometrial and breast. “Apparently there are different types of breast cancer, so they needed to determine what mine was in order to plan the treatment,” Marcia explained.

For more of this story, see the Nov. 22 issue of The Gothenburg Times.