Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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‘Party of Lincoln’ spent $$

I was wrong. The leading conservative in the Continental Congress—you know, the guy who was giving a speech urging conciliation with the king as the Declaration of Independence was being signed—was named Dickinson, and not whatever I said.

Upon reading the reply to my letter sent in by Mr. Davis, it would appear that he is so busy spouting Goebels, Limbaugh, Palin, etc. propaganda that he is incapable of connecting the dots. I’ll try to make it simple.

How many times have you heard conservatives brag that they are members of the party of Lincoln, and in the next breath, denounce the “tax-and-spend” Democrats? If you’ll take the trouble to read a little history, you’ll find that the party of Lincoln financed the Civil War, bought what the conservatives of the time called Seward’s Folly, built the intercontinental railroad, built the Panama Canal, built the interstate highway system, and spent many hundreds of billions chasing non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. All that stuff took a little spending.

Furthermore, Reagan raised taxes at least six or seven times, and they complain about tax-and-spend Democrats. Seems like they’re mixed up.

When I was a kid, Hitler tortured, we didn’t. When I was a kid, Hitler had a hate-spewing propagandist named Goebels, we had none that I know of.

Now that I’m older, Bush and Cheney joined right in with Hitler and tortured. Now that I’m older, Bush and Cheney joined right in with Hitler and attacked a country under false pretenses (or did somebody finally find those elusive weapons of mass destruction that Bush and Cheney were told Iraq didn’t have).

Now that I’m older, conservatives have a big group of people who spout hate day-in and day-out. They put Goebels to shame (or are there really death panels just waiting to get their hands on me?), yet the conservatives put Hitler-like whiskers on pictures of Obama. Seems to me like they’re mixed up.

How many times have you heard the conservative hate-mongering propagandists use the term “baby killer”? Have you ever heard them use the term “poor people killer”? Seems to me like that is what health care in this country was until a few days ago.

In closing, Mr. Davis doesn’t see what the exceptionalism of my kids has to do with anything. He just wants you to believe all “Libs” are a bunch of losers who are happy to see their kids finish 174th or whatever he said. Mine aren’t losers, in fact, I forgot to mention that my daughter got to wear a yellow sash both at her high school graduation and when she received her masters from Cal State San Bernardino. Yellow sash means straight A’s, and she learned to read. Too bad Mr. Davis didn’t. If he had, he might have learned about the “Peace Party” during the election of 1864. And, if he had just listened in grade school, he could have learned that George Washington had to tell folks he didn’t want to be king.