Thursday, September 20, 2018
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Reference to father is degrading

As three past graduates of Gothenburg High School who have a strong family history of graduates from Gothenburg Public Schools, we find it highly inappropriate to allow this publication in the Gothenburg Times.

In this article, student Andrew Collins states “...and Jay Holmes get a real job.” Even if there is an underlying message that we are unaware of, it is a degrading reference to our father.

With his dedicated work to the school system by pumping in many hours of behind the scenes and intense labor he continued giving his time by volunteering for the Gothenburg Legion baseball for over 30 years. Despite these long hours, he has and is continuing to raise four children.

With his “real job” he has put three of us through undergraduate higher education degrees, one, almost two, through graduate school and the fourth to continue on this path. With this much dedication and hard work this is no way to represent anybody.

Our family is very devoted to the success and well being of Gothenburg Public Schools and the community. A statement like this shows disregard to our family’s, especially our father’s, allegiance to our youth’s future. To allocate this type of slander by students shows them that it is okay to disrespect adults.

We are very proud of our father and our family. We are very saddened by the negative light that has been cast against our father. As proud graduates of Gothenburg High School, our hope is that the students and faculty will be portrayed in a better, more positive, image that they deserve.

We will always continue to have support for the Gothenburg community and wish good will to the graduating Class of 2010.

Kelsey Holmes

Kiel Holmes

Cassie Holmes-Kinney