Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Jury still out on Iraq and WMD

You may have read, “...the party of Lincoln...spent many hundreds of billions chasing non-existent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.” and “...Bush and Cheney joined right in with Hitler and attacked a country under false pretenses...”

Total funding for the war in Iraq under Bush, was approximately $500 billion. President Obama has already proposed half that in Iraq and almost as much in Afghanistan. My guess is, his spending will far exceed Bush’s. Inability to understand their own fiscal policies, has prompted the current administration to announce that they won’t even propose a budget this year.

Lloyd Pohl (‘Party of Lincoln’ spent $$, April 28) wants you to believe that Bush and Cheney lied about WMD and that they resemble an insane, murdering dictator bent on world domination. He can produce evidence to support his claims.

Saddam Hussein used chemical weapons against the Iranians during the Iraq-Iran war. Some of those chemicals came from American companies. He also killed his own people (some with chemical weapons). Estimates from mass graves, suggest the total killed could be as high as 300,000. Saddam killed an estimated 1,000 Kuwaiti nationals (for oil). I think we can determine Saddam was evil.

After the first Gulf War, inspectors found weapons armed with the nerve gas VX. Saddam had hundreds of tons of yellow cake uranium. While not totally “harmful” in that state, it could have been enriched to become so. A total of 40,000 munitions for chemical weapons, 2,610 tons of chemical precursors and 411 tons of chemical agents were discovered and destroyed. I think we can determine Saddam wanted to possess WMD.

Bush decided that the war on terror should begin in Iraq. Inspection teams determined that there were no “smoking guns.” Were they able to search all 169,000 square miles of Iraq? Resistance by Saddam to comply with inspections, sent up red flags.

Most intelligence sources (not only the U.S.) were not on board with the determination of the inspectors. Dubya couldn’t start a war without the approval of Congress. Days before Operation Iraqi Freedom began, satellite images showed convoys of trucks crossing into Syria. Could the contents of those trucks be linked to a Syrian nuclear site that was destroyed by Israel four years later? Testimony by high ranking officials within Saddam’s regime point in that direction.

Personally, I think Saddam was just a ruthless thug dictator, who didn’t have the technology to make his scud missiles go where he wanted them to. But, his history showed that he wanted to be more than that. To this day, there is no concrete evidence showing whether or not Saddam possessed WMD before we invaded.

There is no proof that Bush and Cheney knew for a fact that Saddam didn’t have WMD. I think that makes Lloyd’s statements, opinion. I think the way he presented them smells of propaganda.