Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Gothenburg volleyball team wins at Broken Bow

Determination key to victory.

BROKEN BOW—Swede junior Abby Ambler picked up the volleyball Thursday night in Broken Bow with no obvious first-game jitters.

She started in the serving position and ran off a string of points to set the tone of the game, letting the Indians know Gothenburg means business this year.

The Swedes defeated Broken Bow 25-11, 21-25, 25-23 and 25-15.

“The girls came mentally prepared and played with a lot of heart,” said coach Mary Clark. “They just played really well as a team and never showed any signs of defeat.”

Ambler served aggressively from the start, Clark said, and her hard float serve was difficult for Broken Bow to return, especially in the first game.

She finished with a perfect 22-of-22 serving with 15 points.

Clark said when Broken Bow had the opportunity to serve, the Swedes were prepared and focused.

“We not only served the ball well but we passed well too,” Clark said. “That’s an area they have struggled with a little bit in the past.”

Serve receive and defense broke down a bit in the second game, Clark said. The Swedes got them turned around but not before losing the set.

“There was never a time when their chins hung like they were giving up,” Clark said. “They just pulled together and did what they needed to do.”

The third game continued to be close but by the time the fourth game rolled around, Clark said the Swedes were determined to win.

“They just kept working, kept digging deep,” she said. “When each of them concentrates on their role, things fall together the way they’re supposed to.”

Senior Emily Max ruled at the net with 25 kills and 11 blocks.

“Emily is such a smart player,” Clark said. “She offers such a variety of shots that she’s hard for opponents to read.”

The Indians had a five-year, first-game winning streak going against Gothenburg. The last time the Swedes won their opening game of the season was against Broken Bow in 2003. That was also the last time Gothenburg volleyball finished with a winning record.

Clark said the girls are committed to each other and are determined to keep heading in the right direction.

This weekend’s Southwest Conference tournament in Broken Bow could potentially pit the Swedes against the Indians once again. Pairings will not be released until Wednesday (today).

Clark said who the Swedes play will not matter as long as the players remain aggressive and focused.

The first game is scheduled for 11 a.m. Consolation and championship games will both be played at approximately 5 p.m.