Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Volunteers teach fire safety through Junior Fire Patrol

No one seems to know when Junior Fire Patrol was first introduced to Gothenburg fifth graders.

However the Gothenburg Area History book mentions the first fire prevention program presented at the school was in 1929.

Gothenburg Volunteer Fire Department member Wally Trimble remembers his children were fifth graders when he became involved.

His daughter would have been in the fifth grade in 1987.

What Trimble and fellow fireman Garland Underwood, who helps with the program today, do know is the value of teaching youngsters about fire and accident safety in their homes.

Underwood said he and other volunteer fire men normally visit fifth graders in school in April.

There, they tell about the department and its equipment and teach students about fire safety at home such as where to meet and how to find the safest way out of their houses in case of fire.

On another day, the fifth graders travel to the fire station where they see fire trucks and ambulances and view a live demonstration of how the department extracts accident victims from vehicles.

Trimble said they also usually “feed them all the hot dogs they can eat.”

In the past few years, Underwood has been assisted by colleagues Chris Scott and Chris Brede.