Friday, June 22, 2018
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State hay harvesting permits available

In its third year, the program that enables Nebraska landowners to receive hay harvesting permits is in effect.

These permits are for the harvesting of hay from the right-of-way of state maintained highways.  Interstate highways and freeways are excluded from the program.

Landowners whose land abuts the state right-of-way will have the first opportunity to receive the $40 hay permit until July 30.  After July 30, anyone may apply.  Proof of $1 million liability insurance must accompany every application.

Applicants wishing to obtain a permit are reminded that if a permit for mowing and harvesting was issued last year, a permit for mowing and harvesting hay from that same area will not be allowed this year.

Adjoining landowners who have obtained permits began harvesting on July 15, but others are restricted to harvesting between Aug. 1 and Sept. 15.

The $40 permits will be available at NDOR area maintenance offices located across Nebraska.  The complete rules and regulations for hay harvesting can be found at, or by calling your local state highway maintenance or district office.