Friday, September 21, 2018
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Swede runners take step forward at Lex meet

Times improve from last week, last year.

LEXINGTON—Swede runners who previously competed on the Lakeside Country Club course know it’s not an easy venture.

The hills are challenging and last week’s heat added to the discomfort at the Lexington Invite on Sept. 8.

Still, Gothenburg coach Steve Reeves saw his runners rise to the challenge, improving times from the prior week and, more accurately compared, last year.

“I felt like the kids took a big step forward,” Reeves said. “I think they answered the bell.”

The meet was non-scoring, but medals were still awarded.

Five boys finished in the top 15 putting the group right where Reeves wants to see them.

Andrew Collins came in third followed by Luke Rehmert in fifth and Brett Dockweiler in sixth.

Rehmert shaved 23 seconds off his time on the same course last year and Dockweiler improved nearly a minute.

Bryce Eggleston and Joshua Clark also finished with medals in 10th and 14th, respectively.

“I like their focus and their drive,” he said. “All of them ran an outstanding meet.”

In the girls competition, two Swedes earned medals.

Senior Tabitha Paul finished 11th and freshman Morgan Kowalewski got her first varsity hardware at 15th.

“I felt like the girls ran well but they need to be a little more aggressive, especially in the middle part of the race,” Reeves said.

The Swedes had a goal to bring home nine medals from Lexington, Reeves said.

“We got seven with two kids just outside,” he said. “I think it’s a realistic expectation.”

Beau Billingsly of Valentine was the boys champion while Molly Glur of Southern Valley took the girls title.


3. Andrew Collins 17:39.95

5. Luke Rehmert 17:46.96

6. Brett Dockweiler 17:51.29

10. Bryce Eggleston 18:28.50

14. Joshua Clark 19:12.54

Chris Block 19:40.95

Eric Stevens 19:57.70

Marcos Avalos 20:08.19

Alex Spencer 20:23.64

Jade Clement 20:24.25

Brandon Wlasiuk 20:43.25

Brennan Costello 21:09.17

Justin Larson 22:04.13

Jon Rehmert 22:09.57

Ray Ramirez 22;10.81

Ryan Ostendorf 22:25.45

John Portiner 25:35.41

Jonathon Clark 25:47.28

Coltin Benbensee 30:02.55


11. Tabitha Paul 18:36.65

15. Morgan Kowalewski 18:58.79

Lauren Schmiett 19:32.11

Emily Hult 20:35.58

Theresa Richey 21:03.89

Ashlee Bruntz 21:59.02


Seth Eggleston 5:59.82

Abbie Mazour 6:29.39

Amanda Kowalewski 6:34.09

Jordan Lauer 6:35.01

Betsy Potter 7:07.59

Bailey Meyer 7:30.02

Sean Canas 8:01.02