Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Festival goers get a peek into Gothenburg’s past

Vault buried in 1985 opened.

There was no drum roll Saturday to accompany the lifting of a heavy lid from a stone vault.

But the crowd gathered at the time capsule ceremony was excited to view what was inside.

The capsule was buried in front of the Pony Express Station at Ehmen Park during the city’s centennial celebration in 1985.


Once the boom from the city’s digger truck pulled off the lid, adults and youngsters alike clustered around the vault.


“Oooh,” several youngsters said, covering their mouths and noses as a musty smell wafted from the crypt.

Because of drizzle, items were not taken out and displayed to the public but will be at a later time.

Before the unveiling, two of Gothenburg’s three previous mayors attending the ceremony spoke.

Mayor Joyce Hudson remembered 25 years ago when she and her husband were raising their children who were then 9 and 14 years old.

“How many of you are 9 years old?” she asked as several kids raised their hands.

When her family watched television, Hudson said her kids walked across the room to change channels on the one television they watched.

Now the Hudsons have a television in every room, each with a remote.

“You’ll be surprised someday with all of the changes,” she said.

Blaine Peterson, who was mayor in 1985, talked about the changes in Gothenburg while he was in office.

The Senior Center was built for $60,000, the electrical system organized with voluntary load control and a one-cent sales tax passed to boost economic development.

“That’s where Gothenburg got its start to spend money around the community,” Peterson said. “We were losing industry and this was the beginning of the success.”

Community Development Office director Anne Anderson said the time capsule was buried at the end of a week-long celebration commemorating the city’s 100th anniversary.

Items entombed were from 60 individuals and businesses as well as memorabilia from the 1960 time capsule.

An article about the burying of the capsule in 1985 said 54 pre-registered items went into the vault as well as

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