Saturday, June 23, 2018
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Great people, great town

We have not lived in Gothenburg for over 50 years, but every visit renews our memories of the great people that make Gothenburg a great town.
People like the Peterson’s, Blaine and Arlene, Steve and Ligia, Thelma (Wm. F. “Bill”) Peterson, Tim Strauser of Blase-Strauser, Norm and Coleen Geiken, Dee’s Floral & Gifts, the entire staff at the Comfort Suites Motel, and of course, the Gothenburg Times.
We were recently in Gothenburg for our mother’s, Virginia “Gin” Aden, memorial service at the Gothenburg Cemetery. Everyone we dealt with or had contact with treated us with typical Gothenburg hometown hospitality and kindness.
We are very appreciative of all the people of Gothenburg. The Gothenburg Times is a real treasure that we enjoy reading and staying abreast of all our hometown activities.
As the world grows smaller and time goes by faster, it is very nice to know that the human element of our world is still doing very well in hometowns like Gothenburg—we still consider ourselves Swedes!
Thank you, Gothenburg.