Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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The times have changed

I wonder if the Tea Party advocates who think we need to return to the Constitution realize that this is a much different time in history.

When the first 10 amendments of the Constitution were written (1789) a man could support his family basically with a gun, an ax, a knife, a horse, a cow and some seeds. Houses could be built relatively cheaply. They had no need for highways (no mechanized vehicles), no need for education (people could live off of the land), no need for insurance (people died young because there weren’t many medicines or doctors).

The amenities that Neil Davis said the Constitution doesn’t mention were not needed at the time it was written.

The Industrial Revolution and increased population changed things. People started moving to industrialized areas where there were jobs. Life on the farm wasn’t always profitable due to variables such as weather and prices. This created a need for education (competition for better jobs), roads (mechanization), health care (people getting hurt on the job), social security (people living longer due to better health care), etc.

I learned some things from Neil’s last letter. I didn’t realize that blue states didn’t get ballots overseas to our military in time for the election. My father-in-law’s outfit had to break into a warehouse and steal blankets to keep from freezing to death in France during WWII. Somewhere along the chain of command somebody didn’t do their job getting supplies where they belonged. If, in fact, it is true that ballots didn’t get overseas in time, it probably wasn’t something that was done maliciously. How would anyone know who they would vote for anyway?

I didn’t realize the government tells you what school to attend and what classes to take if you get a student loan. My husband and kids benefitted from government student loans. I don’t remember the government telling them what job they could get or what classes to take.

I didn’t know that dead people and Disney characters could vote, and I also didn’t realize that they are Democrats. You learn something new every day.

I would like to congratulate the Gothenburg Times for winning the national general excellence award. What an honor! Where would we be without our newspapers to get news and information on both sides of the issues?

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