Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Storybook season ends at Mullen

MULLEN—Only half of what Brady football coach Bob Frederickson teaches his players is football.

The other half, the first-year Eagle coach calls “other things.”

“It’s about life,” he said. “A mentor once told me if you get kids to like each other they will come to care about each other. If they care about each other, they will grow to love each other. When they love each other, they’ll do anything for each other and that’s where a true team comes in.”

Brady’s season has been one game after another of high points for the Eagles, Frederickson said.


Even the two-point loss at Eustis-Farnam in the fourth game of the year was not as big of a downer as some might have thought, he said, as the Eagles learned how good they could be.


That’s what made last week’s 40-14 loss to the 9-1 Mullen Broncos in the second round of the Class D-2 state playoffs so much more painful.

“We had a lot going for us,” Frederickson said. “These boys had a swagger and a confidence about them that this town hasn’t seen in a long, long time.”

But mere confidence wasn’t enough to stop an over-sized team like Mullen that holds years of playoff experience.

“We knew Mullen was going to be singular in what they wanted to do,” Frederickson said. “They’re huge and they run the ball right at you and they’re going to take advantage of your mistakes.”

The plays were there for Brady to find more success scoring, the coach said. They just didn’t fall together the way they were supposed to.

“On the first play of the game we had a receiver wide open and just couldn’t get the ball to him,” Frederickson said. “We knew we were going to have to score early and take them out of their game but we just couldn’t get it done.”

The Broncos put 37 points on the board through three periods before Brady found the endzone.

Standout running back Brad Ward ran 60 yards for a touchdown with 1:22 to play in the third quarter. The two-point conversion pass failed and Brady trailed 37-6.

Mullen kicked a 23-yard field goal midway through the fourth quarter to go up 40-6.

With just over two minutes to play, Brady receiver Sawyer Burke caught a 29-yard pass from backup quarterback Zach Mann and senior Jacob Bourge punched in the two-point conversion run to give the Eagles 14 points.

Ward finished with 154 yards on 26 carries. He ends the year with 1,792 rushing yards total.

Kyle Pohlman completed 12-of-27 pass attempts for 141 yards. He passed for 892 yards this season.

“You’re not always going to have good nights,” Frederickson said. “All you can ask is that they

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