Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Federal powers are limited

Would you give money to someone at your door, asking you to support California welfare recipients who use their debit cards for cruise ships in Florida and gambling in Las Vegas?

No need, the federal government is doing it for you. The State of California is borrowing $40 million a day from you. Do you think they will ever pay you back? They just re-elected “Moonbeam” Brown as their governor. His first priority is free college tuition for illegal immigrants. Even if California paid back the feds, do you actually think any of that money would be returned to you?

Welcome to Penny’s world. Thank God for the federal government! Penny Fattig wonders if ignorant tea party advocates realize this is not 1789. Unlike Penny, tea partiers know exactly how the Constitution should apply at this “time in history”—just as when it was written. Penny occasionally cites Bible passages. Should the ten commandments be re-interpreted, just because they are old?

What is lost on many people is that the federal government owes it’s existence to the states (individual sovereign nations) that created it. While each state has the power to govern itself, the framers realized the need for a small central government.

One of their greatest fears was that centralized (federal) government would become too powerful. We are currently living that fear. Number 10 of Penny’s “first 10 amendments” states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Therefore, most of Penny’s “amenities” are off limits for the federal government, but not necessarily the states. Others (like insurance) were created by private enterprise.

Apparently, there was no need for schools like Harvard University (founded in 1636) until Jimmy “Einstein” Carter’s administration created the Department of Education in 1979. The Roman Empire surely failed because they had the audacity to build roads before the industrial revolution. But building roads, actually is one of the enumerated powers in our Constitution, as it relates to delivering the mail.

Each state has the power to establish it’s own healthcare system and act as a proving ground. Failure by one state would be limited to that state alone. Success by one state could benefit the other states. When national healthcare fails miserably like Obamacare, it affects the whole nation.

Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. It only works as long as funds coming into the system aren’t exceeded by payments going out. For a good laugh, go to this government webpage (, read their definition of a Ponzi scheme and wonder why Congress isn’t being prosecuted. Perhaps you could contact Bernie Maddoff at Butner Federal Correctional Complex and ask him about the legality of Ponzi schemes and what happens when they fail.

Penny, like most people, cares about her fellow man. When caring becomes socialism through government, the road to our demise is being paved with good intentions.

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