Sunday, May 27, 2018
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Let’s work together for country

Neil Davis is absolutely correct that the Ten Commandments apply the same today as they did when they were inspired by God in 1513 BC. However, the Constitution, which was adopted in 1787, was inspired by man and has been amended 27 times.

I realize there were schools before the Industrial Revolution, but a college education was mainly for the rich and most people didn’t need an education because they could make a living off of the land. Not so any more.

Without Medicare and Medicaid, health care would also be only for the rich. Without Social Security and disability benefits, many· elderly and disabled people would have trouble paying their bills. Without veterans benefits, our veterans wouldn’t have much reward for their valiant efforts. Without some kind of safety net for farmers, we might be in danger of a shortage of food.

If the Tea Partyers’ argument is that it is up to the states to take care of “Penny’s amenities” (entitlements, or socialism according to the Tea Party), I would like to hear their ideas on how to go about getting that accomplished instead of just criticism.

They ostracized President Obama because his pastor said something about racism in America. When he distanced himself from his Christian church to appease the propagandists, they concocted the story that he is a Muslim and claimed that he isn’t even an American. The Hawaii governor, who is a Republican, vouched that he was born in Hawaii.

It seems that the stimulus, which was a bipartisan effort, is helping bring the stock market back.

I’m tired of the hate and hype. Let’s have truth and specifics and work together to get the country going.

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