Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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You should be asking questions

Did blue states “maliciously” drag their feet getting ballots to overseas military? Absolutely. The question was asked, “How would anyone know who they would vote for anyway?” Does that matter?

What’s important, is that the votes of American citizens (putting their lives on the line) didn’t count. I have to think that traditional Democrats are horrified by what liberals/progressives/socialists are doing to their party. The quintessential face of malice, is Nancy Pelosi attempting to smile for the cameras. Their House members voted her speaker. After their drubbing in the mid-term election, they voted her minority leader. That is really all I need to know about their intent.

The Federal Family Education Loan program, created in 1966, used over 2,000 private lenders to supply student loans. “In 2007-08, the FFEL program served more than 6.4 million students...lending a total of $55.3 billion.” Obama’s new monopoly law, kills FFEL and uses funds from the US Treasury. Let’s print some more money and kill jobs at the same time.

I’m sure this kind of control is well intentioned though. Just like having to pay a fine or being imprisoned if you don’t buy health insurance. I wouldn’t be surprised if these loans would be available to illegal immigrants through the Democrats’ ‘Dream Act,’ who must suffer through two years of college to get amnesty.

Someone who is oblivious to the basic concepts of socialism (ever increasing control), might not “realize” they should be asking questions. What about the government control of banks (even the ones giving kickbacks to Obama), the healthcare industry, car companies, insurance companies, oil drilling, nuclear energy, farming, growing your own food, school bake sales, light bulbs, the amount of water in a toilet flush...?

How about attempts to control coal fired power production, your thermostat, the amount of salt or fat you eat, fishing, your water, the air you breathe, the CO2 you exhale...? Ask about the creation of the “fourth branch” of government through Obama’s 32+ czars, the EPA, HHS, HUD, Homeland Security...? These agencies now go over the head of Congress and answer only to dear leader.

I listen to people debating this stuff (ad nauseam) on talk radio, deriving my opinion. Facts are harder and require research. I’m not above admitting I could get it wrong.

When videos and transcripts of what people say and do are available on the Internet, it’s impossible to get that part wrong. It is hard to determine if “dead people and Disney characters” ever showed up to vote, but groups like ACORN have been registering them Democrat for years. Researching that, probably took less time than it would take for someone to write about how they didn’t know that kind of thing existed.

If I began writing that I “didn’t realize” this, or I “didn’t know” that, I would hope someone would take me aside and say, “Neil, wouldn’t your time be better spent researching subjects, than writing in the paper about what you don’t know?”