Friday, June 22, 2018
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Make socialism irrelevant

Penny Fattig couldn’t be more wrong. She doesn’t seem to see a difference between constitutional amendments and FDR stuffing the Supreme Court to push through unconstitutional enactments like social security. The framers included Article V in the Constitution so amendments could be made through a legal process. Did I mention legal?

Definition of education: the process of imparting or acquiring knowledge. Penny wrote, “most people didn’t need an education because they could make a living off of the land.” All a man needed was “a gun, an ax, a knife, a horse, a cow and some seeds.”

Apparently no knowledge of firearms or knives was required to shoot a deer and skin it. No knowledge of animal husbandry was needed to care for critters. No knowledge of tree felling or fence building? Why have an ax? No carpentry skills were needed to build a house or a barn. Knowledge of planting and harvesting wasn’t required either. It is only through a government “safety net” that we even have food today (hundreds of years later).

Perhaps you are familiar with this slogan, “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” This is where Penny agrees with Karl Marx. Government has the right to take from Person A and give to Person B. Person B has the right to receive what belonged to Person A. Person A has no rights.

Just because states have the power “to take care of Penny’s amenities,” doesn’t mean they should. Tea partiers want a return to smaller government and lower taxes, so people can afford their own amenities. This isn’t rocket science folks.

Some people got upset when they heard Obama’s pastor screaming “God damn America.” Hey, call us crazy. Penny might want to study up on Black liberation theology before calling “Reverend” Wright’s church Christian. Obama attended both a Catholic and a predominantly Muslim populated school as a child in Indonesia. I’m not much on the birth certificate conspiracy, but still think it’s odd that he had it sealed.

It’s quite a stretch to call the stimulus bipartisan, unless observing that eleven Democrats voted with Republicans against it, when only three RINO’s voted for it. Penny and the Obama administration may be the only ones that think this “friends of Barack” slush fund has had any meaningful positive impact on the economy.

Penny is tired of the hate and hype and wants the truth. I suggest that she write a letter to Obama and tell him to stop talking. Penny also wants specifics. Here’s a couple. Obama told Latinos not to sit out the election, but instead say, we’re going to “punish our enemies” (enemies being Americans who oppose illegal immigration). Now he is referring to the Republican party as hostage takers. He would never use this term to describe terrorists that are trying to kill us.

I don’t want to work together with those who advocate socialism. I want to make them irrelevant.