Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Social programs filled a need

Let me get this straight. .. Neil (Davis, letter to editor 12-15-10) doesn’t want to work with people who approve of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, veterans benefits, government student loans, farm programs, etc., because these are Marxist programs, correct?

Let’s go back to the way it was when people who lost their jobs through no fault of their own because of health, disabilities, old age or economy collapse, got to stand in long soup lines and sleep under bridges because they couldn’t pay their bills.

No, we mustn’t ask people to pay taxes, even the wealthiest like Ted Turner, Warren Buffet or Rush Limbaugh (who may pay less in taxes proportionately than you and I). The trickle down theory will take care of us.

Yeah, right. I wonder why it didn’t work that way during the Great Depression? No, we mustn’t work together. Gridlock is much more effective.

That terrible FDR, who stuffed the Supreme Court (whatever that means) to pass Social Security. What in the world must he have been thinking to want to help people in old age, the disabled, the veterans?

We need to get those Tea Party candidates elected so they can get started dismantling our social programs. That might not be so bad, though. I’ve heard that if you get to the dumpsters right after the restaurants close, the food isn’t that bad. Maybe someone will make their fortune by inventing wheelchair accessible dumpsters. We’ll also be needing speedier wheelchairs so we can get there before the food is all gone.

Yes, I am joking, but I’m also trying to make a serious point. The reason social programs came about is that they were urgently needed.