Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Who will next be in bread line?

Penny Fattig (12-22-10 letter to editor) wants us to let her get things “straight.” In my 04-29-09 letter (response to one of her letters) I wrote, “If I had my way, they (veterans) would never have to spend a dime on anything after what they sacrificed.” Penny wrote (12-22-10), “Neil...doesn’t want to work with people who approve of...veterans benefits...”

How “straight” is that? I view veterans benefits as part payment for a debt we will never be able to fully pay. If there is no constitutional justification for them, I think we should make it so, through the legal process.

Penny did better with government involvement in education and agriculture being Marxist. If she has read Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,” I’m impressed. But then again, she went acting all “crookedy” on her Holy Grail (Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid). Who cares what happens to future payers as long as I get mine?

Penny was being sarcastic when she wrote that we should go back to the way it was when people “ to stand in long soup lines and sleep under bridges...” She jokingly wrote about tea partiers being responsible for dumpster diving. I’m surprised she didn’t mention Republican’s long-standing desire to let old people eat dog food.

Lloyd Pohl (05-06-09) wrote about people living on the streets of Boston. On Thanksgiving, President Obama proudly commented, “Even as we speak, there are countless Americans serving at soup kitchens...”

Dumpster diving is now an art form. How could this be possible with all of Penny’s glorious entitlement programs? Government robs us blind, then like Penny’s hero FDR, throws back some coins to the peasants so we will re-elect him dictator.

Unabashedly, Penny resorted to class warfare against wealthy liberals like Ted Turner and robber baron Warren Buffett. She also attacked Rush Limbaugh (one of radio’s largest charitable donors). She implied that they “...may pay less in taxes proportionately than you and I.” In 2008, the adjusted gross income of the top 5% earners was 34.73%. Their share of taxes was 58.72%. The next 45% earned 52.52% of the AGI and paid 38.58% of the tax load. The bottom 50% earned 12.75% and paid 2.70%. The AGI / taxes paid would look something like this.

Top 5% [-------] / [-------] Middle 45% [-------] / [-------] Bottom 50% [-------] / half of this [-------]

Penny wonders why trickle down economics didn’t work during the Great Depression. It doesn’t take “Mister Obvious” to figure out, the more you raise the tax rate on the rich (or anybody), the less they will spend.

FDR never got it. He took tax rates from 25% to 94%. That would sure entice me to spend more, how ’bout you? Democrats have vilified the Bush tax cuts ever since they were implemented.

Now that Democrat’s re-elections are in jeopardy, they voted to keep the cuts in place. Now they are the Obama tax cuts and they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread (which under Obama, we’ll be standing in line for).

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