Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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U.S. is far from Marxism

I’m glad that Neil Davis agrees with one of the government entitlement programs ... veteran benefits. But, what about the millions of veterans and civilians who have labored their whole lives just trying to keep up with the bills and couldn’t get enough saved for retirement? It is sad that so many people are homeless today, but there would be many more homeless if not for Social Security. Believe it or not, there are millions of people who only have Social Security to live on.

Marxism (communism) takes peoples’ land, businesses, and voting rights away. They imprison and kill people for speaking out against the government. Examples are Russia, China, Cuba. This is a far cry from our government wanting to help people with retirement, health, education and disability benefits. I will not be convinced that we are anywhere near communism.

The latest recession started during the George W. Bush administration which lowered everybody’s taxes. I voted for George W., but I try to be objective so, if those sacred tax cuts on the wealthy are the answer, how could that have happened?

At the time, I wondered how he expected to pay for our wars and lower taxes at the same time.

Do I believe the millionaires and billionaires would stop spending on yachts and cruises and end up standing in bread lines, as Neil suggests, if their taxes are raised to the pre-Bush era rates? No, I don’t. I believe higher tax rates on the wealthy encourages them to invest in business deductibles which helps the economy grow.

I know that when the farmers have a good year they buy the equipment that we sell and that helps us, the manufacturers, the material suppliers, etc.

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