Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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The hate comes from the left

When I was a youngster I worked for Wm. Kittenbrink. I rode around with him in his car and dug up musk thistle in his pastures. He was pretty old and couldn’t turn his head to see traffic approaching from the side. So, I also had the job of co-pilot.

I think he was a millionaire and contributed a lot to the funding of our hospital. It didn’t occur to me that he might be evil if he didn’t pay as much in taxes as some other person. I was just glad that he gave me a job and amazed that he drove his car around in pastures. The money he paid me, trickled down to the people who make comic books.

When a wealthy person buys a yacht, they are supporting a company that employs people and purchases materials from numerous suppliers, who also employ people. Those employees buy goods and services from countless others, that also employ people.

Socialists don’t like this plan, but they can’t come up with anything that works better. In fact, they can’t come up with a plan that works at all.

Liberal thinking is, if you make up to $500,000 you are deserving of a tax break. If you make one cent more, you should rot in hell. How does the amount of money someone else makes, affect you negatively? It seems like envy to me.

Liberals are all about equality, until it comes down to the source of their money supply. They want you to focus on the victims and forget about the fact that they are sanctioning theft by the government, to obtain what they are unable to get on their own. If you think they should have the freedom to do that, I reserve the right to be free from your way of thinking.

Was the recession caused by the Bush tax cuts? From 2000 to 2010 federal spending on Medicare rose 81%, Medicaid and SCHIP 87%, unemployment benefits 559% and federal employee health programs 232%. Maybe entitlement spending played a part.

A simple graph showing debt as a percentage of GDP, makes it easy to see. It was only after Democrats took over Congress in 2007 that real problems began. Their policies caused the sub-prime mortgage meltdown.

What does it mean to be tired of the hate and hype? Absolutely nothing, if you engage in the same practices you are complaining about. The liberal media onslaught after the shootings in Tucson is the perfect example. Within hours (with total disregard for facts or truth), pundits and Democrat politicians, had Sarah Palin training the shooter and painting targets on the victims. Rush Limbaugh bought the gun. The Tea Party gave the shooter a ride to Safeway on their bus. No facts, no truth.

Both sides engage in hype. That won’t change. Republicans police their own. Democrats make excuses. The hate has always been on the left. If you think I’m wrong, show me proof.

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