Friday, June 22, 2018
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Planning committee adopts priorities, goals

The Brady school district’s essential financial planning committee offered the school board a set of 10 prioritized goals after several meetings to consider the future of the school.

Committee members included Lisa Diehl, Matt Hatch, Marge Spencer, Bill Porter, Bruce Hird, Bob Golter, Roberta Karchner and Nate Most.

The committee was formed to study the school district’s current financial status and future standing.

Members offered the following prioritized recommendations to the district during the school board’s monthly meeting Monday night.

Increase the number of option enrollment students.

Expand distance learning classes both incoming and outgoing.

Continue to increase cash reserve.

Explore options of shared programs with neighboring schools.

Develop a school foundation.

Increase lunch prices.

Amend the budget to increase unused budget authority for next year.

Eliminate a bus route.

Eliminate a para educator position.

Cut courses above Rule 10 requirements in careers, visual arts, physical education and health areas.

No action was taken by the board on the recommendations.