Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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eBeams handy for classroom

For Gothenburg High School biology teacher Maggie Tiller, eBeams are a no brainer in the classroom.

Her eBeam, a wing-like device connected to her computer, is magnetized to the corner of her classroom whiteboard.

With it, Tiller uses a dry erase marker—wrapped in an electronic marker sleeve—to write on the whiteboard.

The marker doubles as a pen or computer mouse.

“You can erase or write in notes, pull in big diagrams and label them right on the board,” she explained. “You can then save it and print it out for absent students.”

The price is handy too.

Technology coordinator Jo Wiggins said the district can order three eBeams for the cost of a $1,500 SMART Board which is an interactive white board.

Currently, the district has 10 eBeams.

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