Friday, May 25, 2018
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Propaganda affects us all

We are all vulnerable to the effects of propaganda (mind control tactics). That is why we all need to get ourselves informed on both sides of the issues. It is dangerous to listen to only one person or group’s ideas. (Mr. Boroff, Modern Problems class, GHS, 64-65).

This year’s deficit came about as a result of two unpaid for wars, two unpaid for Bush tax cuts and an economic near collapse that, had it not been for federal intervention, could have plunged the economy over the precipice.

It’s true that Medicare has problems, mainly due to rising health care costs and inefficiencies. As for Medicaid, the problem is not that it’s recipients have been getting too much money, it’s that the state governments would rather cut payments to the poor than raise taxes on the wealthy.

Leave Social Security out of the equation. It has had nothing to do with the federal deficit. It is an entirely separate acacount with a $2.7 trillion surplus that the government has been borrowing to pay for it’s expenditures. Under Reagan, Social Security taxes were nearly doubled to pay for current retirees and to create a savings account for the Baby Boomers’ retirement funding.

Reagan’s tax cuts for the wealthy weren’t generating enough funds to run the country and subsequently it was facing bankruptcy. No problem, Greenspan suggested borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund. Reagan jumped at the opportunity as did George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, and George W. AI Gore strongly argued that Social Security funds should not be raided. The result being that all of the money taxed out of the Boomers incomes has been borrowed and spent. Social Security is now back to being paid for with income from today’s workers for today’s retirees.

I don’t think we can put the blame entirely on the Democrats for the country’s economic problems.

Penny Fattig, Gothenburg

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