Monday, June 18, 2018
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Second graders make a special connection

Every year, Brady second-grade teacher Bridget Rossman reads her students several stories from author Jeff Brown’s Flat Stanley series.

The books are about a boy who is flattened during the night when his bulletin board falls on him, Rossman said.

He can do many things since he is flat and goes on adventures by being mailed in a large envelope.

Rossman’s students made their our own Flat Stanleys and mailed them to people they know.

At the same time, a second-grade class in Summit, NJ, did a similar activity and mailed a Flat Stanley to Brady.

“We showed Stanley around the community and took pictures. Then we sent him back to New Jersey,” Rossman said. “The class was so excited they asked us to Skype with them.”

On April 1, the two classrooms connected via the Internet and the Skype software program.

“They took the (Flat Stanley) project a step further by talking to each other face to face, so to speak,” said Brady school’s technology coordinator Robbi McKenney. “They asked each other questions and began to learn how alike and different their classrooms are.”

Rossman said she plans to continue the Skype partnership interactions with the New Jersey students.

“The kids really enjoyed communicating with other second graders,” she said. “We are hoping to do it again.”