Thursday, June 21, 2018
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For five straight years, The Times takes top spot

For the fifth consecutive year, the Gothenburg Times took top honors in its circulation class in the Nebraska Press Association’s Better Newspaper Contest.

The Times earned 24 awards, which were announced Saturday during the annual NPA convention in Lincoln.

“We were gratified by the number of awards we received,” said Greg Viergutz, co-publisher of The Times. It was the highest number of awards ever received by the newspaper.

“The wide variety of honors indicate the contributions of our entire staff to bring our readers an interesting and attractive product each week.”

The Times received nine first places awards, 11 seconds and four thirds.

First place awards were for best front page, best sports page, use of computer graphics, reader interaction, feature photography, advertising campaign, use of color–news, personal column and single feature story.

Viergutz was elected president of the Nebraska Press Advertising Service, the for-profit arm of the association.

Other Dawson County newspapers were also recognized at the banquet.

The Tri-City Tribune garnered three first place awards, five seconds and five thirds.

The Lexington Clipper-Herald earned two first place honors and two thirds.

The Free Press received three seconds and two thirds.

The Times received the fol-lowing awards. Publication dates, titles and judges comments are included.

1st—Best Front Page. Clean looking, good graphics, easy to read, excellent use of color.

1st—Best Sports Page, May 19, June 23, Sept. 29, Dec. 8, by Deb Egenberger. What can I say? Hands down the best in this category. Great design, use of white space, pictures are solid, writing spot—the whole package.

1st—Advertising Campaign, various issues, (Stone Hearth Estates) by Jo Atkinson. Consistent and effective branding for this business featuring residents. Appeals to community and future residents. Very personalized and focused on what the business has to offer. Very nice design.

1st—Feature Photography, July 28 (Drake Walker cooling off) by Deb Egenberger. A wonderful moment that really stops time and represents the subject.

1st—Use of Color–News, Nov. 17 (front page that featured fire fighter Luke Ritz) by Elizabeth Barrett, Deb Egenberger, Jo Atkinson. Good use of color by not overdoing it. Evenly distributed and not jarring.

1st—Personal Column, May 12 and July 28 by Deb Egenberger. Egenberger uses her language carefully to show the feelings of a Relay For Life and cleaning out her late father’s apartment.

1st—Single Feature Story, May 26 (She’s Healing on Inside, Out) by Elizabeth Barrett. No comments.

1st—Use of Computer Graphics, May 19, (It Could Happen Here) by Jo Atkinson. Excellent use of graphics. Loved how it shows how a tornado could split a town in half by the damage done.

1st—Reader Interaction, Jan. 6 (Feature Story Contest and Eyes Have It advertising promotion). Great idea. Getting the readers to vote on their favorite story also give you an idea of what they want. The eyes have it. Excellent marketing and community involvement.

2nd—Sports Action Photo, June 23 (Bit of a Snag) by Deb Egenberger. Action shots like this one don’t come around too often and this photo stood out immediately. Great timing in this photo.

2nd—Sports Writing, March 3 (Living the Dream) by Deb Egenberger. Excitement of qualifying for state is shared in this interesting story.

2nd—Youth Coverage, Feb. 3 (Mentor Night), May 19 (First in Family), Jan. 27 (Quiz Bowl) by Elizabeth Barrett. Interesting stories which were attractively designed. Especially liked the story on the girl who was first in her family to earn a diploma.

2nd—Single Feature Story, July 7 (Fine Art), Deb Egenberger. No comments.

2nd—News Writing, Aug. 4 (Jump Start Program) by Elizabeth Barrett. Fine use of individual’s experience to represent the significance of the event or program being covered. Shows master of writing ability and excellent choice of quotes. Story maintains reader’s interest and induces a desire for further information. Excellent job.

2nd—Classified Section, July 28 by Kathi Viergutz. Your headings are very easy to read when page is scanned. Nice use of filler. Really like the home-based business directory.

2nd—Single Classified Advertising Idea, Oct. 6 (Hometown Furniture Plus) by Kathi Viergutz. The use of something besides the usual box is nice to see. Draws your eye to it. Nice job.

2nd—Newspaper Promotion, Nov. 24 (E-Subscriptions), Greg Viergutz. Well thought out and designed. Great use of color and black and white.

2nd—Community Promotion Advertisement, Dec. 1 (Chamber of Commerce Christmas promotion ad) by Kathi Viergutz. Attractive layout with clever name for event, Magic on Main Street. I like idea of the event calendar, too. Could well have been first in a close call.

2nd—Headline Writing. No comments.

2nd—Web Site.

3rd—Advertising Campaign, various issues (Gothenburg State Bank) by Greg Viergutz. Good introduction to bank’s staff and services. Delivered helpful information for customers to put a “face” on this business. Simple, yet effective design.

3rd—Single Retail Advertising Idea–Color, Oct. 13 (Gothenburg Memorial Hospital) by Kathi Viergutz. Unique art and representative color leave no mistake about the message.

3rd—Sports Feature Photo, July 7 (Easy Off) by Deb Egenberger. This shot is near perfection. Even the sheep’s face shows emotion.

3rd—Feature Series, Nov. 10 (Behind Enemy Lines) by Elizabeth Barrett. You can just feel the passion for country and life that is packaged in this series on Albert Connelly. The visuals are excellent and the perspectives on his experience explains and personifies much of what it means to be an American—and from the heartland.