Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Applegate grant provides technology for classrooms

Getting lecture notes from classes when Brady High School students are absent has become a whole lot easier than begging from friends.

A grant from the John R. Applegate fund administered by the Mid-Nebraska Community Foundation has allowed the school to purchase four Livescribe pens to be used by any teacher.

Livescribe pens look like regular ink pens but are slightly larger. When used with special dot paper, the pens enable a teacher or student to take notes and record audio at the same time.

“With the use of these pens, I am able to record lectures and post notes on the school website,” said math teacher Julie Hoaglund, who wrote the grant. “This enables students to view notes and to listen to the explanation when they are absent as well as when they need reminders while they are doing their homework.”

Hoaglund said the technology also allows parents to view information about lessons.

The cost of the four Livescribe pens used by teachers and paraeducators totaled $900.