Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Students write essays about granting Mom one wish

Winners have been named in the “If I Could Grant My Mom One Wish, It Would Be...” essay contest sponsored by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce Retail/Promotion Committee.

The winning entries included:

Kim Graff

Submitted by Sean Graff, first grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would that are purple.

I make breakfast in bed, and my family will clean up the whole house.

We would give her a Mother’s Day basket.”

Amy Meyer

Submitted by Cameron Meyer, second grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be...lots of love!”

Gina Courtney

Submitted by Montannia Courtney, third grade.

“My mom works so hard to take care of my sister and I. She helps us with our homework, softball, volleyball and everything we need.

If I could grant my mom one wish, it would give my mom one day to herself, so she can go shopping for herself.

For her to take the time to get her hair done fancy, and so she can get a massage and a manicure.

My mom really needs a day for herself.”

Rizza P. Villaluna Neutzman

Submitted by Sheena Jean Villaluna, fourth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be...a day off, because she is always busy taking care of me and my new little sister. New little babies take lots and lots of time, because they can’t do things for themselves.

My mom is always busy cooking good food and doing laundry and cleaning the house. She has been really busy working on our new house and working in the garden.

So, if I could grant her a wish, it would be a day off.”

Sharon MacPherson

Submitted by Nicole MacPherson, fifth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would be...a servant.

I would get her a servant because she needs a break. I might even get her more than one.

I would get her one to cook, two to clean, and one to take care of my little brother.

She would still cook a little with me, but she would only cook the fun stuff like cookies, not the boring stuff like meat.

I would pay the servants myself. It wouldn’t be forever, maybe only a year, because I might get broke by paying them. It would still be fun, though, because I could take her to restaurants and treat her and buy her everything she needs, and we wouldn’t be in a rush.

All in all, I would love to get my mom a servant.”

Annette Borchardt

Submitted by Tasia Borchardt, sixth grade.

“If I could grant my mom one wish, it would her all the love and laughter in the world.

She loves us sooo much and makes us laugh when we are sad.

I also would get her all the money in the world. She spends a lot of her own money on us.

I think she deserves all the laughter, love and money in the world. My mom could go and do everything she ever wanted and more.

She is sooo caring and loveable. My mom is wonderful and a hard worker. She is very faithful. I wouldn’t want any other mom in the whole world—my mom is awesome!

That is the wish I would give her.”