Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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GHS students recognized during Honor’s Night

Gothenburg’s Performing Arts Center was packed Monday night during the school’s annual Honors Night.

Students in grades 9-12 were recognized for academic and other achievement s and local, regional and college scholarships were announced.

Master of ceremonies Jerry Wiggins said that 36 seniors applied and received scholarships from both public and private colleges and universities that totalled about $1 million.

This year’s graduating class is one of the largest in recent history with 79 students.

Recognition and awards are as follows:


(as provided by school staff)

Band—SWC Band: Cale Moore, Kersten Nelson, Rachel Rice, Becca Else, Corey Hinton, Kerry McPheeters, Ricci Whitney, Jon Rehmert, Bryan Benash, Crystal Moore, Blake Ristine, Trenton Long

Haydon McKenney, Rachel Welker, Sydney Sell; Standard of Excellence I medals: Jessica Wolff, Ricci Whitney, Jacob Boehle, Ashley Wilkerson, Slater Earl, Bryan Benash, Becca Else, Rachel Welker, Leah Loostrom, Ryan Ostendorf, Josh Clark; Standard of Excellence II medals: Rachel Rice, Jon Rehmert; Excellent Performance Award at District Music Contest: Rachel Rice; NSAA Academic Achievement: Elisa Meridith.

Chorus—Outstanding Performance Award from District Music Contest: Chris Block, Joshua Clark, KaSondra Kuhlman, Elisa Meridith, Janae Wiggins; UNK Honor Choir: Coltin Bebensee, Joshua Clark, KaSondra Kuhlman, Elisa Meridith, Willis MIddleton, Jessica Wolff; UNK Festival Choir: Ashlee Bruntz, Ryan Ostendorf, Jeramie VanAcker; UNK Women’s Choir: Bailey Gibbens, Leah Loostrom; SWC Choir: KaSondra Kuhlman, Leah Loostrom, Rebecca Stevens, Janae Wiggins, Kayla Bihlmaier, Ashlee Bruntz, Bailey Gibbens, Elisa Meridith, Roni Putnam, Jessica Wolff, Curtis Andres, Coltin Bebensee, Joshua Clark, Rhett Lindholm, Brett Mann, Carson Messersmith, Willis Middleton, Steven Sam, Cody Cooper, Charlie Grabbing Bear, Gage Headley, Branndon McMichael, Josh Portiner, Jeffrey Rodriguez, Jeramie VanAcker

English—Outstanding Poetry Award: Jourdan Matthies; Outstanding Literary Analysis & Writing Award: Haydon McKenney

Family & Consumer Sciences—Adult Living (chosen for eagerness to learn, positive attitudes, work ethic, and top GPA’s): Amanda Bodfield, Heather Cardenas, Ali Clark, Shelby Eggleston, McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Andrew Kennedy, Sonie Kuhlman, Luke Rehmert, Lauren Schmiett, KaTrina Winter

Industrial technology—Intro to Tech: Tyler Aden; Manufacturing class: Garrett James; Drafting and CAD: Brett Dockweiler; Autocad II: Cale Moore; Individual Tech Class: Dillon McMichael, Branndon McMichael.

Journalism—Broadcast: Mackenzie Brand; Newspaper: Amanda McMichael; Yearbook: Abie Jensen

Math—Applied Math Students of the Year: KaTrina Winter, LaTasha Howell; Intermediate Algebra Students of the Year: Lindsay Schnackenberg, Steven Sam; Algebra II Students of the Year: Cody Cooper, Jon Rehmert, Payton Prall; Math Analysis: Shelby Eggleston, Haydon McKenney, Josh Clark, Kerry McPheeters; Algebra: Kyndal Holmes, Jessica Schaben, Cody Cooper, Jon Rehmert, Payton Prall; Geometry: Trenton Long, Rebecca Anderson, Emily Franzen; Calculus: Brennan Costello, Tanner Schwanz

Physical education—Jet Seimer, Betsy Potter

Science—Physical science: Trenton Long, Brett Mann, Rebecca Anderson, Emily Franzen; Biology: Cody Cooper, Logan Sheets, Morgan Kowalewski, Kaylee Beyea; Chemistry: Kerry McPheeters, Josh Clark, Kelsey Wahlgren; Physiology: Tanner Schwanz, Alex Schultz; Physics: Brennan Costello; Super science senior: Haydon McKenney, Tré Ostergard.

Social studies—American History: Peyton Maline, Kerry McPheeters

Spanish—Spanish II: Madison Costello, Morgan Kowalewski, Amanda Larson, Siera Schwanz, Brooke Piester, Hanna Wolf, Leah Loostrom, Kerry McPheeters, Jonathan Rehmer, Josh Portiner; Spanish III: Joshua Clark, Bryce Eggleston, Haydon McKenney, Payton Prall, Janae Wiggins, Ryan Ostendorf, ; Spanish IV: Abby Ambler, Jordan Mathies, Tre Ostegard, Tanner Schwanz, Dane Wilson, Shelby Eggleston, Amanda McMichael, Ashlee Bruntz, Karen Franzen

Speech, NFL Academic All America—Joshua Clark, Elisa Meridith

National Honor Society Inductees—Seniors: McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Tanner Schwanz; Juniors: Kerry McPheeters, Jeramie VanAcker, Kelsey Wahlgren; Sophomores: Madison Costello; Morgan Kowalewski; Logan Sheets; Other members: Seniors—Chris Block, Brennan Costello, McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Aaron Lauer, Tanner Schwanz, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson; Juniors—Josh Clark, Leah Loostrom and Peyton Maline

Sigma Phi Beta Medallions—Abby Ambler, Chris Block, Amanda Bodfield, Ashlee Bruntz, Brennan Costello, Shelby Eggleston, McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Aaron Lauer, Matt Marshall, Jourdan Matthies, Haydon McKenney, Elisa Meredith, Tannor Mroczek, Cody Ostergard, Tre Ostergard, Alex Schultz, Tanner Schwanz, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson, Jessica Wolff

American Citizenship Award—Abby Ambler, Alisha Ballmer, Alex Ballmer, Coltin Bebensee, Amanda Bodfield, Christopher Block, Ashlee Bruntz, Heather Cardenas, Ali Clark, Brennan Costello, Kyle Demoret, Jack Dudley, Slater Earl, Shelby Eggleston, Rebecca Else, Karen Franzen, McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Gage Headley, Abby Jensen, Andrew Kennedy, Kyle Kleinknecht, Sonie Kuhlman, Jesse Larson, Aaron Lauer, Matthew Marshall, Adrienne Massie, Jourdan Matthies, Haydon McKenney, Amanda McMichael, Dillon McMichael, Elisa Meridith, Willis Middleton, Tannor Mroczek, Tracy Nelson, Joslyn Oliver, Cody Ostergard, Tré Ostergard, Megan Portiner, Roni Putnam, Luke Rehmert, Steven Sam, Lindsay Schnackenberg, Alex Schultz, Tanner Schwanz, Taylor Walker, Rachel Welker, Janae Wiggins, Josh Williams, Dane Wilson, Jessica Wolff.

American Legion Boys State—Ryan Ostendorf

American Legion Auxiliary Girls State—Makayla Franzen

American Legion Junior Law Cadet—Josh Clark

Believers & Achievers—Janae Wiggins, Brennan Costello

Outstanding Senior Boy and Senior Girls (voted on by GHS faculty)—Kyle Demoret, Ashlee Bruntz

Gothenburg Rotary Youth Leadership Award—Erica Houchin, Peyton Maline, Kelsey Wahlgren

Presidential Award for Educational Improvement (cumulative GPA of 3.50 or above)—Abby Ambler, Shelby Eggleston, Jordyn Haake, Tannor Mroczek, Tré Ostergard, Lindsay Schnackenberg, Ashlee Bruntz, McKenzie Geiken, Aaron Lauer, Cody Ostergard, Alex Schultz, Dane Wilson

Presidential Academic Fitness (3.5 or above GPS, rank on or above 90% on a national test, i.e. ACT, SAT, ITBS)—Chris Block, Matthew Marshall, Haydon McKenney, Tanner Schwanz, Jessica Wolff, Brennan Costello, Jourdan Matthies, Elisa Meridith, Janae Wiggins

All-Southwest Conference Academic (participate in activity for two years and have at least 3.65 GPA)—Chris Block, Amanda Bodfield, Ashlee Bruntz, Brennan Costello, Shelby Eggleston, McKenzie Geiken, Jordyn Haake, Aaron Lauer, Matthew Marshall, Jourdan Matthies, Haydon McKenney, Elisa Meridith, Tré Ostergard, Alex Schultz, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson, Tanner Schwanz, Jessica Wolff

All A’s (first semester)—Seniors: Brennan Costello, Shelby Eggleston, McKenzie Geiken, Matthew Marshall, Jourdan Matthies, Haydon McKenney, Tré Ostergard, Lindsay Schnackenberg, Tanner Schwanz, Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson, Jessica Wolff; Juniors: Josh Clark, Kerry McPheeters, Jeramie VanAcker; Sophomores: Kaylee Beyea, Cody Cooper, Madison Costello, Morgan Kowalewski, Amanda Larson, Jonathan Rehmert; Freshmen: Rebecca Anderson, Courtney Brown, Carlin Daharsh, Emily Franzen, Kyndal Holmes, Kelsey Kuhlman, Trenton Long, Brett Mann, Abbigail Mazour, Carson Messersmith, Taylor Mroczek, Betsy Potter, Rachel Rice, Blake Ristine, Jessica Schmidt, Kayla Trevino

Excellent Attendance Awards—Juniors: Josh Clark, Lonna Foster, Trey Kolbo; Sophomores: Kaylee Beyea, Jacob Matthies, Heidi Teahon, Alex Spencer; Freshmen: Trenton Long, Abby Mazour, Ashley Wilkerson

North Platte Telegragh All Stars Nominees—Brennan Costello, Tanner Schwanz.

Omaha World-Herald All Academic Team Nominees—Honorable mention: Brennan Costello, Haydon McKenney, Jessica Wolff


Jim Ambler Memorial Scholarship—Jordyn Haake

American Red Cross Scholarship—Kyle Demoret

Anderson Farms Scholarship—Kyle Kleinknecht

Archer Daniels Midland Scholarship—Chris Block

Athletics Count Scholarship—Abby Ambler, Tanner Schwanz

Jerry Brock Memorial Scholar-ship—

Susan Buffett Foundation Scholarship—Rebecca Else

Coca Cola Scholarship Program Semi-Finalist Award—Brennan Costello

Cozad Elk’s Most Valuable Student Award/Scholarship—Chris Block, Brennan Costello, McKenzie Geiken, Janae Wiggins

Custer County Auxiliary Scholarship Alternate—Roni Putnam

Dawson County Farm Bureau Scholarship—Chris Block

Spencer Decker Jr. Memorial Scholarship—Janae Wiggins

DeKalb Ag Youth Scholarship—Brennan Costello

Eastern Star Scholarship—Rebecca Else

First State Bank Scholarship—Shelby Eggleston, Jourdan Matthies, Elisa Meridith

GHS Alumni Banquet Scholarship—McKenzie Geiken, Dane Wilson

GHS Student Council Scholarship—Shelby Eggleston, McKenzie Geiken

Gothenburg Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship—Aaron Lauer

Gothenburg Cross Country Scholarship—

Gothenburg Education Association Scholarship—Rebecca Else, Sonie Kuhlman, Alex Schultz

Gothenburg Junior Wrestling Club Scholarship—Kyle Demoret, Trent Good, Kyle Kleinknecht, Jesse Larson, Tré Ostergard, Tanner Schwanz

Gothenburg Lion’s Club Scho-larship—Chris Block, Aaron Lauer, Lauren Schmiett

Gothenburg Memorial Hospital Foundation Scholarship—Janae Wiggins, Dane Wilson

Gothenburg Rotary Club Scholarship—Tanner Schwanz

Gothenburg TeamMates Scholarship—Karen Franzen, Trent Good

Gothenburg YCIP Scholarship—Jordyn Haake

John Greene Memorial Scholarship—Elisa Meridith

Glenn Haas Memorial Scholarship—Branndon McMichael

Hilltop Estates ADVANCE Scholarship—Brittany Ostergard

The Home Agency Scholarship—Chris Block, McKenzie Geiken, Aaron Lauer, Cody Ostergard

Imagine America Scholarship—Joshua Williams

Virgil Meyer Memorial Scholarship—Ali Clark

Mid-Nebraska Trap Shooting Association—Alex Ballmer, Alex Schultz

National Elk’s Foundation Scholarship Finalist—Brennan Costello

Nebraska Elk’s Association Scholarship—Brennan Costello

Nebraska Salt & Grain Scholarship—Kyle Kleinknecht

Shelly Nordbrock Memorial Scholarship—Brennan Costello

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Award—Brennan Costello

PEO Merit Scholarship—Abby Ambler, Alisha Ballmer

PEO Jo Reichstein Memorial Scholarship—Janae Wiggins

Matthew Peterson Memorial Scholarship—Jordyn Haake

Pioneer Seed Company Scholarship—Cody Ostergard

Angela Ruth Raymond Memorial Scholarship—Janae Wiggins

Johnie Stephens Boy’s State Scholarship—Brennan Costello

Walter Scott Jr. Foundation Scholarship—Brennan Costello

Harold and Virginia Stevens Endowment Fund 4-H Scholarship—Aaron Lauer, Dane Wilson

Suzanne Tinlin Memorial Scholarship—Karen Franzen, Cody Ostergard

Mona Uehling Memorial Scholarship—Ashlee Bruntz, Jordyn Haake

World War II Scholarship—Tanner Schwanz



(College/post high school plans,

major, scholarship)

Ashton Aden (University of Nebraska at Kearney, undecided)

Abby Ambler (BryanLGH, sonography)—Central Community College Summer Scholarship

Alex Ballmer (Southeast Community College-Lincoln, paramedic)

Alisha Ballmer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, undecided)

Jordan Baxter (SCC-Lincoln, computer science)

Coltin Bebensee (UNK, criminal justice)

Kayla Bihlmaier (work)

Chris Block (Wyoming University, animal science)—UNL Canfield Scholarship

Amanda Bodfield (UNK, radiography)

John Bodfield (North Platte Community College, welding)

Anna Boson (CCC-Hastings, nursing)

Ashlee Bruntz (UNK, early childhood education)—UNK Dean’s Scholarship, CCC Summer Scholarship

Heather Cardenas (UNK, undecided)

Ali Clark (UNK, elementary education)

Jonathon Clark (work)

Brennan Costello (University of Nebraska at Omaha, architectural engineering)—UNO Regents, Honors Program Scholarships; UNO/Peter Kiewit Institute Walter Scott Scholar Award; UNL Honors Program, Regents, Top Scholar, College of Agriculture, Science and Natural Resources Scholarships; Doane College Presidential Scholarship; Colorado School of Mines Merit Scholarship

Kyle Demoret (Frontier Bible College, youth ministry)

Timari Devine (SCC-Lincoln, psychology)

Cassidy Dishman (NPCC, auto body)

Jack Dudley (Bethany College, graphic design)—Bethany College Performance Award, Legacy Award, Basketball Scholarship

Slater Earl (Chadron State College, graphic design)

Shelby Eggleston (UNK, dental hygiene)—UNK Chancellor’s Scholarship

Rebecca Else (NPCC, early childhood education)—NPCC Mary & Albert Durbin Scholarship

Nicholas Folkers (NPCC, academic transfer)

Karen Franzen (UNK, social work)

Clinton Furrow (work)

McKenzie Geiken (Fort Hays State, sonography/elementary education)—FHSU Opportunity Award, Silver City Award; Doane College Board of Trustees, Journalism, Athletic Training Scholarships, Athletic Grant, Legacy Award; UNL Canfield Scholarship

Trent Good (Concordia University, sports management)—Concordia Athletic, Achievement Scholarships

Jordyn Haake (UNK, elementary education)—UNK Dean’s Scholarship

Greg Headley (York College, undecided)

Zach Hiebner (UNK, business administration)

Aaron Hines (work)

Jacob Howard (undecided)

Abie Jensen (Xenon’s International, cosmetology)

T.J. Keiser (Marines)

Andrew Kennedy (NPCC, criminal justice)

Kyle Kleinknecht (Northwest Kansas Tech, diesel mechanics)

Kendall Kruse (NPCC)

Sonie Kuhlman (NPCC, elementary education)—NPCC Academic Tuition Waiver

Jesse Larson (CCC-Hastings)

Aaron Lauer (UNL, agribusiness)

Matthew Marshall (UNL, computer engineering)—UNL Canfield, Engineering Scholarships

Adrienne Massie (UNK, undecided)

Jourdan Matthies (UNL, animal science)—UNL Canfield, Jay and Susie Wolf Scholarships; Midland Scholarship

Alex McClement (work)

Brianna McDowell (undecided)—Western Nebraska Community College Early Admission Scholarship

Haydon McKenney (CSC, human biology—CSC RHOP, Leadership Scholarships

Amanda McMichael (UNK, biology)—UNK Dean’s Scholarship

Branndon McMichael (UNK, criminal justice)

Dillon McMichael (SCC-Milford, John Deere technician)

William Mercer (work)

Elisa Meridith (Kansas State University, animal science)—KSU Honors Scholar Award

Willis Middleton (UNL, business)

Tannor Mroczek (UNK, business management)—UNK Dean’s, Athletic Scholarships

Tracy Nelson (UNL, construction management)

Joslyn Oliver (SCC-Lincoln, radiology technician)

John Olson (work)

Brittany Ostergard (SCC-Lincoln, nursing)

Cody Ostergard (UNL, agricultural economics)

Tré Ostergard (UNK, exercise science)

Megan Portiner (Northeast Community College, psychology)

Roni Putnam (SCC-Beatrice, academic transfer)—SCC Athletic, Educational Foundation Scholarships

Luke Rehmert (College of the Ozarks, undecided)

Steven Sam (UNL, undecided)

Lauren Schmiett (UNL, business administration)

Lindsay Schnackenberg (Iowa Western Community College, biological sciences)

Seth Schriver (work)

Alex Schultz (UNK, radiography)—UNK Chancellor’s Scholarship, Honors Program; UNL Canfield Scholarship

Tanner Schwanz (UNL, undecided)—UNL Canfield Scholarship

Levi Siemering (Pine Ridge Job Corps, welding)

Aaron Stevens (NPCC, auto body)

Taylor Walker (UNK, elementary education)

Rachel Welker (work)

Janae Wiggins (UNK, nursing)—UNK Chancellor’s, Cooperative School Scholarships; FHSU Silver City Award

Joshua Williams (Tulsa Welding School, welding)

Dane Wilson (UNL, pre-medicine)—UNL Canfield Scholarship

KaTrina Winter (NPCC, early childhood education)

Shalene Winter (work)

Jessica Wolff (Washington University, St. Louis, architecture)—Washington University Joseph D. Murphy Scholar Award, Jack Kent Cooke Memorial Scholarship

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