Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Same names, different views

If we cared about our liberals/progressives/socialists, we wouldn’t allow them to play with sharp objects. When I first began writing letters to the editor, Democrats were attempting to combine the defense bill with their pork-laden appropriations bill. They claimed Republicans didn’t care about our troops, because they fought passage of the bill.

Meanwhile, Sen. John Kerry (if you don’t make an effort to be smart “you get stuck in Iraq”) portrayed our troops as, “...going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women...” Rep. John Murtha said Marines “...killed innocent civilians in cold blood.” Sen. Barack Obama’s view was that we were “...just air-raiding villages and killing civilians...” in Afghanistan. President Bush was a war criminal, because of enhanced interrogation practices (water boarding). Our troops were ignorant, cold-blooded killers and our special forces were Dick Cheney’s assassination squads. Saddam Hussein was captured and turned over to the Iraqi people for prosecution.

As senator, Obama opposed Bush’s “war on terror.” As president, he has continued nearly every Bush policy (club gitmo, wire tapping, etc.) but enhanced interrogation. Now that he “got” Bin Laden, he is being portrayed as the most brilliant military strategist in history.

He signed off on a mission to invade a sovereign nation, break into a private residence “in the dead of night” and shoot an unarmed man (through the eye, blowing his brains out the side of his head) in front of women and children. This behavior is now considered by the media as a “gutsy” move. Now Kerry says, “...the killing of Osama Bin Laden is a potential game-changer...”

Apparently, if you have a president of the “correct” political persuasion, it is okay to change the rules. I was astonished that the media even got around to sort-of praising our “assassination squads” for a job well done. Obama didn’t think we should exploit the situation by “spiking the football.” He then went on an “I can kill with the best of them tour.” Yep, that’s our president, a lean, mean killing machine. For just $34.95 you can get your own Obama SEAL team 6 action figure.

The only people not receiving praise, are the people responsible for determining the whereabouts of Bin Laden—the interrogators. The people that supplied the peg Obama is hanging his hat on, are the slime of the earth. Even though he just went to the CIA to congratulate them for their efforts, his attorney general is working on prosecuting them. There is not enough room on the human head for the faces of Obama, nor is there enough sides of a mouth for him to talk out of. Since Obama has set the Army Field Manual as the standard for interrogating those who want to kill us, we have learned nothing from them.

What do you suppose the state-run media’s view will be if adults regain control of the government?

Neil A. Davis, Gothenburg