Friday, June 22, 2018
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Construction company builds ag bins, pivots

Jason Davis had his first experience building a grain bin while working for a farmer north of Cozad.

His boss purchased the bin but didn’t arrange for anyone to erect it so Davis got on-the-job experience that turned into a future career.

Now Davis, a Cozad native, owns Prairie Land Ag Construction in Gothenburg, a business that erects center pivots, grain bins and occasionally a farm building.

“I wouldn’t make a very good salesman,” Davis said.

That’s why he’s in the construction business.

Customers purchase their pivots, bins or buildings from a dealer. Davis comes in to put the things together.

He said it takes a day or a day and a half to finish a pivot and up to five days to build a bin, depending on its size.

Davis doesn’t do the work alone. He has hired a crew of nine, including wife Jennifer who takes care of the office.

“I just have one crew,” he said. “I find it’s easier to manage fewer people.”

Davis previously partnered in a business called Bin Builders in Gothenburg but split that partnership last week to go out on his own.

“I’m just trying to keep it simple,” he said.

The office is located on East Highway 30 and includes a small supply store.

Office hours are irregular in the summer due to outside jobs but Davis can be reached at 537-2150 or on his cell phone at 308-325-1184.

The Davises have two daughters, Kylee who is 15 and Kaitlyn, 14.

In their spare time, the family enjoys camping.