Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Gothenburg Job’s Daughters elect new queen and officers

A new queen and officers were installed for Job’s Daughter’s Bethel #28 of Gothenburg on May 22 at the United Methodist Church.

Those installed and offices include: Kendra Humphrey, honored queen; Carlin Daharsh, senior princess; Blayr McMichael, junior princess; Brianna Richey, guide; and Kyndal Holmes, marshal.

Appointed officers include Morgan Cardenas, chaplain; Gabi Daharsh, recorder; Alexis Bacon, treasurer; and Rebecca Else, Lauryn Cárdenas, Hailey Sabin, Amanda McMichael and Megan Portiner, messengers.

The installation theme was “You’ve Got a Friend” with the peace sign as the symbol for the term. Colors were tie dye. A reception followed the ceremony.

Installing officers included Holmes, Sarrah Fleharty, mistress of ceremonies; Janna Giles, guide; Karra Chipman, marshal; Becca Else, recorder; Stephanie Eggleston, chaplain; Janean Lindauer, senior custodian; Amanda McMichael, junior custodian; Denise Hamilton. musician; and Doug Chipman and Austin Fleharty, ushers.

Gothenburg adult guardian council members are Suzanne Holmes, Roger Eggleston, Sue Eggleston, Joe Humphrey, Trudy Else, Kim Humphrey and Tammy McMichael.

Job’s Daughters is open to girls between the ages of 10-20 with an emphasis on leadership, strong morals, respect and belief in God.